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reduction in customer requests helps more businesses achieve greater success with Salesforce

Every year, leases equipment worth millions of euros to small and medium businesses in Portugal and Spain. “We want to help companies become more competitive by providing them with the finance they need to buy new equipment,” said José Capitão, COO at “With Salesforce, we can provide SMEs with faster access to the funds they need to grow and succeed. It helps strengthen our contribution to local economies and communities.”

From day one, has been focused on providing customers with rapid access to credit - and it’s exploited technology to the max to make this a reality. “SMEs need funding to grow,” commented Capitão. “We’ve completely digitalised the credit application process; it takes us just a few minutes to approve an online request and up to 24 hours to make funds available.” gears up for the next wave growth

By going completely digital, has turned the financing world on its head - and SMEs love it. The company has around €50 million worth of assets distributed across 12,000 companies. And an investment injection of €150 million from Goldman Sachs means its customer base is set to get even bigger.

“We want to drive consistent and sustainable growth in existing and new markets and expand our credit to other key SME investment areas, such as furniture and software,” explained Capitão. “With Salesforce, we can grow faster and stronger; it’s been central to our success.” mainly offers finance for IT hardware through a network of 1,500 partners, financing equipment from Lenovo, Apple, and Xerox, among others. The average credit agreement is worth €5,000 - and every customer contract is processed using Salesforce. “We have great ambitions for the future and need a platform that can adapt with us,” said Eduardo Rodrigues, Product Manager at “With Salesforce, we can get closer to our customers and ensure we have a scalable and secure infrastructure to support our business as it evolves.” 

Delivering a better experience with greater agility and visibility

From tracking new leads and processing staff expenses claims to engaging with partners and responding to customer queries, the Salesforce platform helps the team at to keep things flowing. “We want to give our partners, customers, and employees the best possible experience,” said Capitão. “With Salesforce, we can empower our people to respond faster and act smarter.” uses a combination of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Heroku, and Salesforce Maps to drive greater agility and simplicity across its business, which operates from seven locations in Spain and Portugal.

Since the platform first went live in 2016, has added a number of customisations and integrations, including FinancialForce and Twilio. “Salesforce is not just our CRM platform; it’s also our ERP system,” said Rodrigues. “We can develop new features cost-effectively and quickly; it took us just five days to add computer telephony integration.”

Self-service communities empower customers, partners, and employees has put the platform’s innovation and customisation capabilities to the test on multiple occasions. As well as creating an HR community on Community Cloud for its 63 employees, it has built two online portals for partners and customers using Heroku.

The portal is key to how supports its customers and has helped to reduce the volume of cases by 50%. “We want to empower people to resolve their own issues rather than wait to talk to a call centre agent,” explained Capitão. “We offer a range of self-service tools, including an extensive knowledge base built on Service Cloud.”

Rapid response times boost customer satisfaction

If a customer does need to contact via the portal, it aims to respond within 15 minutes. “All customer data is in one place, which makes it easier for the team to check and resolve any issues,” said Rodrigues. “With Salesforce, we can take customer service to the next level and keep increasing satisfaction.”

Every customer query is captured in Service Cloud, which helps feed enhancements for the online knowledge base and other self-help tools. To provide customers with even faster and smarter support, plans to introduce chatbots and AI. “With Salesforce, we can keep pushing the boundaries to develop stronger connections and bring richer solutions to market,” said Rodrigues. 

Richer insights drive growth and competitive advantage applies the same innovative approach to its own processes. By implementing Salesforce Maps, it has been able to turbo-charge productivity across its sales operation, which is responsible for expanding the company’s network of partners.

“With Salesforce Maps, the team can identify and prioritise the suppliers and locations that will help to drive future growth,” explained Capitão. “In the first quarter of use, we’ve seen weekly meeting volumes double and call volumes triple. It’s had a huge impact on sales quality and productivity.”

Insights into how the business is performing will be key as expands into new regions and countries. “With all our data in one place, we can track everything - from how a price change impacts conversion rates to the number of outstanding customer payments,” said Capitão. “With Salesforce, we can make our business more relevant and competitive.” 


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