With Salesforce, our people can carry the customer in their pocket.”

— Erwin Noordeloos, IT Director, Maandag

Maandag stays close to its customers with App Cloud

Maandag® provides interim staff to public sector organisations, with a particular focus on education, healthcare, and housing associations. Innovation, energy, and agility are fundamental to Maandag’s culture and success.

“Our customers need enthusiastic people who see every Monday as a new opportunity,” said Erwin Noordeloos, IT Director at Maandag. “From doctors and civil servants to teachers, we provide the public sector with interim professionals that can make a difference.”

Over the last few years, working conditions and processes have changed significantly in the key sectors that Maandag serves. To support both its customers and employees in this new landscape, the company needed to bring greater flexibility and innovation to its IT infrastructure.

Noordeloos took up the challenge to create a lean and mean IT environment when he joined the company in the summer of 2015. “We realised evolutionary changes were not going to be enough; we needed an end-to-end digital transformation,” he said.

Noordeloos recognised it was time to embrace the cloud. “When we started to look at the different solutions, we quickly settled on Salesforce,” he explained. “The AppExchange ecosystem and development opportunities were key factors in our decision.”

To meet its specific needs around project management, time management, and ‘search and match’, Maandag decided to use Salesforce App Cloud to create a suite of apps to underpin its customer-facing and back office processes. “We could see how quick and easy it would be to develop our own apps from scratch,” added Noordeloos. “Salesforce provides countless building blocks that you can put together any way you want.”

The greatest challenge for Maandag was finding the right people to help with the transformation. As Noordeloos explained: “Salesforce developers are much sought after and that means they are scarce. But, then we are a recruitment company, so we knew how to source the right people with the right skills.”

Within the space of 12 months, Maandag completely rebuilt its customer relationship management (CRM) platform and back office systems, and developed new line of business apps for project management, timesheets, and application tracking. “The new apps give us a competitive edge, and will provide our staff with greater mobility,” explained Noordeloos.

The CRM platform is integrated with Maandag’s website and job boards, and will be used by around 400 employees.

“It took just three months for us to create a customised CRM platform with Salesforce.” Noordeloos continued: “The drag and drop approach makes developing, building, and adapting apps really easy.”

To support future initiatives, Maandag has created a team of four developers, two testers, and a business analyst. “Our transition to the cloud is 80-90% complete, which means no more overheads for managing and maintaining servers,” said Noordeloos.

The new apps and CRM platform provide Maandag’s staff with anywhere, anytime access to important information on their tablets and smartphones. “With Salesforce, our people can carry the customer in their pocket,” said Noordeloos.

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