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Mekitec helps global food suppliers safeguard quality with Salesforce

Social media is rife with hilarious home cooking fails, from missing spectacles baked into cakes to omelettes with more shell than egg. Thankfully, when we buy food from the supermarket, we know we’re not going to get a forkful of melted smartphone or fruit juice full of pits, and that’s thanks to rigorous quality control procedures that are ingrained into the supply chain.

Mekitec is a global manufacturer of innovative quality control systems that use X-ray technology to detect impurities in packaged products before they hit the shelves. Headquartered in Finland, the organisation is blazing a trail in food safety to help more consumers shop, cook, and eat with confidence.

“To be the leading manufacturer of food quality X-ray systems we need to get closer to customers and deliver more value than our competitors,” said Juho Ojuva, Director of Global Sales and Customer Care at Mekitec. “With Salesforce, we can be more efficient, predictive, and proactive at scale.”
In the first two years of its Salesforce implementation, Mekitec improved its customer satisfaction with double digits while also doubling its sales pipeline.


With Salesforce, we can be more efficient, predictive, and proactive at scale.”

- Juho Ojuva, Director of Global Sales and Customer Care, Mekitec

Simplifying complex global operations

Mekitec serves customers across 40 countries, each with its own quality standards and legislation around food safety. For the sales team, that means there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to selling more products, and reps need to educate customers and demonstrate the value of partnering with Mekitec to achieve their food safety goals.

“Our old CRM system was holding us back from delivering the kind of customer experience we aspire to,” explained Juho Ojuva. “To build strong relationships with customers you need 360-degree visibility of the customer experience and to proactively help them meet their targets.”

The company decided to replace its legacy CRM with an end-to-end platform to simplify and streamline operations across the world. It partnered with Biit to customise and implement Sales Cloud and Pardot in 2018.

“Salesforce is a platform full of potential. As well as meeting short-term needs for greater automation, it has the capabilities to evolve and adapt with the business,” added Juho Ojuva.

Richer insights drive smarter decision-making

The customer journey begins on Mekitec’s website, where prospects can sign up to read informative and engaging content about its products. Leads are qualified in Salesforce by the marketing team, before being passed on to sales for conversion.

Working with Biit, the company built custom workflows to adapt Sales Cloud for the unique needs of its niche industry. It defined several core steps with actions for the sales team to target each customer at the right time. With Salesforce, higher quality leads have increased conversion rates, and better insight is helping the company be more proactive – for example when leads drop below a certain level, it can run marketing campaigns to generate more opportunities during slow periods.

“Salesforce dashboards and reporting help us to work better across the board, from optimising the sales process through to asset management,” commented Juho. “For me personally, I can track the performance of the sales team and identify anyone who needs extra support. It’s also very satisfying having an overview of our wins.”

Before Salesforce, analysing data and tracking metrics was a time-consuming manual task. Now, the team has valuable and reliable data at their fingertips to make smarter business decisions. The company also has plans to implement Einstein Analytics to support predictive decision-making and maximise sales opportunities.

Enabling better ways of working

User adoption can be a major challenge for any digital transformation. But Mekitec’s staff loved how Salesforce automated time-consuming manual tasks right away. “Quoting used to be slow and inconsistent – every sales rep did it slightly differently,” recalled Juho. “With Salesforce we can generate standard quotes in any region and give customers a more consistent experience.”

Support tickets are also automated, freeing up service agents to spend more time resolving issues and having more valuable interactions with customers. And Mekitec has further plans to keep improving the customer experience.

The company is currently developing a community on Experience Cloud to go live in early 2021 and give premium customers access to all the paperwork relating to their assets. They will also be able to log tickets and schedule maintenance when their machine is due for a service. “Quality control in food plants is critical, so giving customers a central place to access all the information relating to their critical control point will really help them during audits, for example,” explained Juho.

Improving engagement with Pardot

Customers reach out to Mekitec via web forms for all sorts of reasons – they can apply for application testing, request authorisation to return materials, and create service tickets. With Pardot, these requests are captured and routed to the right people to action the request quickly and easily.

The company also uses Pardot for traditional email marketing and to cross- and upsell. For example, using drip campaigns to send targeted information about products customers might be interested in based on their browsing history.

“Before Salesforce, we couldn’t track any metrics to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns,” said Juho. “Pardot has totally transformed the way we market; we use AB testing to optimise content and can design campaigns around which blogs are generating the most buzz.”

A world-class platform for a world-class customer experience

Better marketing has been a major driver of the digital transformation that doubled Mekitec’s pipeline. Offering a unified global experience and more efficient processes have also helped to elevate the customer experience.

“Salesforce is a world-class platform underpinning our ambition to deliver a world-class customer experience,” added Juho. “We’re slowly expanding our platform to cover all parts of the business and unlock a 360-degree view of every customer across the entire organisation.”
The platform also helps the company to be more adaptable and scalable, which was invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic. During nationwide lockdowns, food manufacturers went into overdrive to produce higher volumes in response to an increasing demand for products.
Luckily, Mekitec’s sales and marketing teams could quickly adapt to working from home using Salesforce, and it continued to win new customers.

“Everyone’s workday starts and finishes with Salesforce. By working together with greater transparency and efficiency, we’re well placed to become a leading player in the sector to help protect food quality across the world,” concluded Juho.


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