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Metso Outotec mines a richer customer intelligence with Salesforce

The process of extracting value from data is often described like the process of mining natural resources. But it takes a lot more than software to extract ore and process it in a sustainable, efficient way.

It takes heavy machinery and decades of expertise. The kind of equipment and services Metso Outotec has been delivering to the mining, aggregates, recycling and process industries for nearly 20 years.

Its 15,000 employees serve the largest mining companies and aggregate producers in 50 countries.

“Customers come to us because they see us as a knowledge leader in the industry with reliable products and a highly skilled workforce,” said John Cullen, who until recently was VP Digital Marketing at Metso. “They see us as a partner to help build their mining or aggregate circuit,” added Alice Pinheiro who has taken over as Head of Digital Marketing at Metso Outotec and who was previously responsible for Brazil marketing.

The challenge faced by Cullen and now Pinheiro and the team was to serve all these different segments in a way that’s relevant to each. To make that possible his team has brought a whole new standard of marketing to bear.

Supporting a vast and varied audience

Metso Outotec’s greatest strength is also one of its biggest challenges, and exacerbated even more by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our big challenge is being able to talk to and support all our different customers in the ways that they need,” said Pinheiro. “That’s hard enough in the real world context – when you take it online, it becomes even more complicated.”

Metso Outotec sells thousands of different products and services. Their marketing operation is designed to simultaneously target enterprise-level mining decision-makers with an ABM-type model while also accommodating a far broader approach to marketing.

“Our marketing to aggregate contractors and small business owners looks more like B2C, or at least B2-mini-B,” said Cullen.

Metso Outotec needed a system to manage how it communicated with such a broad range of personas with often wildly different goals and constraints.

Implementing the basis for smarter customer relations

Cullen turned to Salesforce for two reasons. First, he needed to systematise customer relationship management and bed down new processes for everyone to standardise around.

But he also knew he needed to customise the system in a way that serves both the ABM-type marketing and the SMB-style marketing.

Before, Metso Outotec’s data was held on Excel. While the initial catalyst for change was the need to improve reporting and visibility, Cullen quickly realised they could do a lot more.

“I come from a telecoms background, so I've seen a different world where data is the be all and end all. We've worked really hard on our data quality. Not just so it’s easier for sales to access, but so they can do more with it.”

Cullen understood that by transforming the way data was managed for reporting, he could also transform the way data was used in digital workflows. Now they wouldn’t just be ‘mining’ the data, they could also ‘process’ it to deliver better experiences too.

Metso Outotec’s CRM team took on Sales Cloud, while the digital marketing uses Pardot for marketing automation and web integration.

“With Sales Cloud, the system actually gives them something valuable in return. It's not just a reporting tool. It actually provides lead processes that are useful to them as well.”

People know what they need to know about customers when they need to know it. And crucially, they know what to do next with it too.

Aligning sales and marketing

It’s common knowledge that sales and marketing alignment is critical to improving customer experiences – it’s still hard to achieve. Cullen and his team were determined to work towards an end-to-end process that served both salespeople and marketers in a cohesive way.

To do that, Metso Outotec needed granular insights across its diverse range of personas.

“There’s conflicting agendas, even within the same company,” Cullen explained. “The plant manager may care about operational uptime and energy efficiency. But the maintenance manager may just see it as a cost to be managed – and that might not deliver better uptime or performance.”

Metso Outotec needed to account for all this variance and still communicate effectively.

One of the big wins has come from integrating Pardot with their website. Now when someone processes a lead, they can see exactly what that person has been viewing and what they’ve downloaded.

Every user action on the website is visible to sales in Salesforce. Pardot has created that link, and helped accurately score prospects so salespeople are more confident they’re focussed on the hottest leads.

“As soon as we started passing this information to sales, they found new and richer data at their disposal – it’s also helped them adopt this lead processing that we've implemented,” Pinheiro said.

“Now there's much more marketing engagement with the sales teams, thanks to Pardot.”

Closing the loop

Since Cullen and the team revamped Metso Outotec’s lead processes with Sales Cloud, the results have spoken for themselves.

“In the past, we couldn’t see our leads moving through the process and interact accordingly. So we weren't even able to quantify the impact of our campaigns. Salesforce gives us the ability to measure every contribution. We’ve moved from just measuring costs to measuring value.”

To get to this point, Cullen and his team had to carefully listen to and align with the needs of various disparate stakeholders, including local marketing teams, such as Pinheiro’s in Brazil. But in doing so they’ve also laid the groundwork for a far more transparent collaboration between all these stakeholders. It’s a complete transformation of the engine serving customers.

“Mindsets are changing – people care about whether their activity actually increases leads coming into the company, rather than simply producing content.”

And crucially, the proof of the pudding is in the deal sizes Metso Outotec is starting to realise.

As of September 2019, it has qualified sales leads in the funnel worth hundreds of millions of Euros (of which a significant chunk was from one prospect alone).

“We've gone from nothing to having that in nine months!”

Marketing smarter and easier

Metso Outotec have also customised Pardot to get the most from their marketing.

By running automated campaigns integrated with the website, Metso Outotec can nurture prospects without lifting a finger.

“If you download a conveyor's handbook on the website, it triggers a campaign to advertise some other content related to what you just downloaded,” Cullen explained. “If you pass the pre-defined campaign threshold then you become a lead in Sales Cloud.”

Perhaps the best example of this is the remarkable uptake in online engagement during COVID-19.

Metso Outotec organised a webinar series to give customers access to the relevant industry experts. The team used Sales Cloud and Pardot to coordinate and send out invites – the response was remarkable.

“We ran webinars for seven weeks – the first six weeks had 8,000 registrations and 2,500 attendants. That’s an amazing achievement. We went from nothing to effectively two plus webinars a week to reach that figure.”

It’s a testament to the collaborative and positive spirit Cullen’s team of marketers have established at Metso Outotec.

This process of collaboration will continue under Pinheiro at pace – building on what’s been implemented already and driving new insights while working in one of the local sales organisations.
And made possible with a little help from some tech. 

Our new lead process has given the business a platform to go forward on. And it’s here to stay – in fact, it’s become the basis for the future.”


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