With Salesforce used across all our regions, we have easier and clearer communication.”

Sicco Saft, Business analyst, Meyn Food Processing Technology

Accelerating the sales cycle and enabling innovation with integrated data and automated processes

Meyn Food Processing Technology (Meyn) provides specialist solutions for the largest poultry processors in the world. Powered by Meyn technology, its customers supply thousands of supermarkets and feed millions of people globally.

Meyn’s solutions are bespoke and extremely sophisticated – the company provides end-to-end production facilities based on a vast range of integrated machinery that communicates with internal and external business systems. “We supply complex, customer-specific manufacturing solutions for factories that can comprise up to 150 fully integrated machines,” said Sicco Saft, Business Analyst at Meyn Food Processing Technology.

Meyn’s aim is to help its customers feed the world sustainably and responsibly without jeopardising competitiveness and business continuity. This means helping its customers taking advantage of growing demand by providing innovative, versatile manufacturing solutions.

With hundreds of variables involved in these complex systems, Meyn needs to be able to configure, customise and price its solutions accurately and in line with customer requirements. The company wanted to inject greater momentum and agility into its sales cycle. “To be able to design and price highly customised solutions quickly, we need access to detailed customer information as well as a flexible CPQ (configure, price, quote) system,” explained Saft.

Meyn needed a platform that would enable it to capture and update customer information more easily. “When we started to look for a new CRM platform, it made sense to deploy a fully integrated CPQ solution at the same time,” said Saft.

When the company chose Sales Cloud as its engagement platform for transforming the sales cycle, it quickly discovered an App Cloud solution that would provide the additional functionality it needed for CPQ. “Our core sales processes - including leads, opportunities, accounts, configuration and quotes - are now supported by Salesforce,” said Saft.

Better information, faster quotes

The solution supports opportunity management while enabling Meyn to create complex customer-specific configurations extremely quickly. “In the past we had used our enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to configure pricing, but it wasn’t designed for this need and was time-consuming to use,” said Saft. “With Salesforce, we can provide customer quotes faster than our competitors and keep sales documents and data together, which gives customers greater confidence in our proposals and improves our profitability,” said Saft.

This efficiency gain has also reduced the sales cycle. “We can now quote for an entire processing plant in a fraction of the time that was needed in the past,” added Saft.

All over the world, Meyn’s CPQ engine is continuously fed with up-to-date information from Sales Cloud, enabling it to ensure quotes are accurate. “With Salesforce used across all our regions, we have easier and clearer communication,” explained Saft. “Our sales operators now always have access to the correct prices and information, regardless of their location.”

Building blocks for the future

One of the main strengths of the Salesforce platform for Saft is the ability to configure, rather than customise, to ensure it continues to meet business needs. “With Salesforce nearly everything can be easily configured to match our business needs,” said Saft.

For example, since deploying the solution Meyn has been constantly building and refining business logistics data and the relationships between Sales Cloud and its CPQ capabilities.

“Salesforce provides the modular blocks we need to keep building our capability – it’s simply a matter of switching it on,” said Saft. “It just takes a few clicks and we’re off!”

This flexibility fits with Meyn’s approach to IT. “The Salesforce workflow and configuration tools mean we never have to write a single line of code,” added Saft. “This makes Salesforce deployments really quick – they take days rather than weeks.”

Looking ahead, Meyn is planning to further standardise and integrate its operations with Salesforce, particularly around document management. “New integrations between Salesforce and other collaboration tools mean that we really can access sales documents on an any-time, anywhere basis.”

With its combined CRM and CPQ solution, Meyn has the best of both worlds, as Saft concluded, “We can respond faster and more accurately to customer quote requests and have a flexible environment that we can configure to match our requirements at lightning speed.”

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