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How Mysolution uses Salesforce to power disruption of recruitment industry with analytics acquisition

After Mysolution acquired analytics company OnRecruit, the two companies knew they had to integrate quickly in order to continue on their goal of international reach and success. With a mass of data and different processes, Salesforce was the tool to get them there — sharpish.

Based in the Netherlands, Mysolution helps automate processes for staffing and recruitment companies. Offering an all-in-one platform for CRM, recruitment, contract management, invoicing and payroll, Mysolution took an important step towards its aim to deliver a ‘one-stop solution’ for the staffing industry this year by acquiring analytics company OnRecruit.

With the acquisition, Mysolution hopes to go beyond the industry norm of automation and use the newly-obtained software and skills to help customers’ data work better for them. This shift means the company can offer more than just efficiency; it can create intelligent insights so companies can understand market trends, as well as financial, marketing, sales and recruitment data, to grow their business and explore new opportunities.

“That’s how we aim to grow our leadership in the staffing market,” said René Bolier, CCO of Mysolution. “We have a strong ambition to scale internationally. We don’t just want to be the best, but also the smartest solution.” 

Using Tableau, Mysolution helps to create insights for its clients that “empower not just the management team but every single user.” Using Salesforce both internally and as part of its offering to its customers, Mysolution sees the platform as a differentiator that not only powered the success of its acquisition, but also its customers’ businesses. “In the recruitment industry, the way you treat your customers and candidates and the way you enable your users to work with them is the differentiator,” said René. “And Salesforce is the application that helps make that difference.”


The challenges in the data

Mysolution has offered Salesforce as part of its solution to customers since 2018, when it extended its offering from automating back-office functionality processes to mid- and front-office processes. At a time when customers were just looking for simple automation, Mysolution identified that the war for talent in recruitment signalled a market change, and the way to grow would be through building relationships with candidates.

Using Salesforce gives its customers an edge, René explained. “If the employees of our customers base their actions on data, they can win and outperform their competition.” It also helps them be more autonomous and productive. “If you work well in Salesforce, friction between teams goes down and collaboration goes up — and therefore information management becomes a lot easier and more reliable.”

It was this insight for its customers’ success that also helped during the recent acquisition. It can be a daunting prospect to combine two organisations to become one company, and the first step was migrating all the data from one to the other. Without all that information on one coherent platform, multiple records and disparate data could mean confusion over client relationships. As OnRecruit had a further configured environment than Mysolution, the teams decided to migrate the latter’s data to the former.

Lieneke Overeem, Customer Success Manager at Mysolution, explained that Sales Cloud was instrumental to making this shift a positive one, which resulted in “one source of the truth and one way of working, enabling everyone within a few months to work as one team.”

Less admin, more integration

Once the data was migrated, Sales Cloud allowed the new integrated teams to create more intelligent processes. For example, leads are now added automatically, with a process to upgrade them to opportunities or turn them down. “We have a report to show how quickly that happens,” said Lieneke, “so we can educate the team to create better lead follow up, marketing and reporting to understand what drives success so we can replicate it.”

This process has created better and more standardised processes to help manage client relationships.  “If we truly understand our pipeline,” said Lieneke, “we can understand what to do today for the goals of tomorrow.” 

Using Sales Cloud, the teams could keep track of all their data by ensuring account information was completed to avoid lost information. Without easy access to each other’s data on one system, the two companies could also have approached the same account with multiple opportunities. “We created validation rules and made it mandatory to fill in certain fields, so you make it very easy for the user,” Lieneke said, “and that really helps everyone be more productive and smarter about their jobs.”

After a successful acquisition, plans are underway to increase Mysolution’s scope using account-based marketing (ABM) to grow the business and win new customers. “At OnRecruit, we’ve had quite a pro-active approach with this for the past two or three years,” René explained, “so we want to bring that to Mysolution.” A very critical ingredient for successful campaigns, he said, is full integration with and smart use of marketing automation tools.

Scaling with an ABM approach

OnRecruit has been using Pardot to create customer journeys and to track how people are engaging with content marketing. “It gives a lot of context, which can help with your tone of voice and how direct you can be,” René said. “We use it for lead scoring and tracking who’s on the website and who we should be calling.”

Now that OnRecruit has become part of Mysolution, the plan is to use ABM in a more advanced way for bigger deal sizes. Once the target accounts are identified, Rene explained, the company uses Salesforce to map the customer’s market and get their data in the system, where they can then sync up their marketing approach to digital ads, landing pages and other content. 

“One action starts feeding off the other, so if you’re on the phone and they want to learn more, you can add them to our email marketing,” he said. “Or if someone subscribes to a webinar, you can give them a call and build a relationship with them and feed them case studies.”

Using Pardot in this way allows you to increase the speed at which you dominate a specific market, Rene underlined. “If you have a named account approach and identify the top 1,000 accounts you want to speak to, I strongly believe that in two years you’ll have relationships with 70 to 80% of those organisations — if you have a differentiating proposition.”

“If you have a good content marketing strategy and a friendly business development approach, you can build that dominating market share.”

The march towards increased market share

Mysolution has now opened an office in Frankfurt as part of its first step of scaling internationally. “We are growing more than 100% in Salesforce licenses year on year we have running for our customers,” René said, “so that shows the massive potential.”

The reason for this growth? The need for talent shows no signs of slowing, especially in the Netherlands where the unemployment rate is at a historic low. “The desire for upscaling is huge,” he said. “All our customers are doing really well and looking to grow. And we give them insights: we can tell them by focusing on this market rather than another, you can be 20% more profitable, for example.” 

René emphasises that their customers should focus on making smarter use of their existing resources. “The need to automate and innovate is there,” he explained. For Mysolution, managing that demand successfully in new markets is the challenge. But they have a tool to help.

“The amount of opportunities a sales executive can proactively manage if they structure their processes and data well in Salesforce, can easily double,” he said. “That means you can work on a bigger part of your target market, so the rate at which you penetrate it goes up.” For René and Mysolution, this is no small feat. In fact, it’s all part of a bigger plan that’s well underway. Watch this space.


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