Salesforce Helps Nayax Attend to Their Customers and Grow Globally


Salesforce Helps Nayax Attend to Their Customers and Grow Globally

With today’s growing demand from goverments across the globe to move to cashless payments, more and more people are choosing to pay with their phone app or credit card. Nayax brings innovative, customer-focused cashless payment capabilities to unattended retail, while helping businesses increase revenue and manage their operations. By staying one step ahead of the payment trend through inventing and developing new secure protocols, technology and devices entirely in house, Nayax has become a global merchant payment platform powerhouse. The company is currently in the midst of expanding its array of solutions to help merchants grow worldwide.

“In today’s world, no one even considers opening a business that doesn’t accept credit cards. We’re creating much more advanced and efficient payment solutions that benefit both our customers and end consumers, and have turned to Salesforce to help with optimizing their experiences,” begins Keren Sharir, CMO at Nayax. “By continuously enhancing the digitization and automation processes across our entire processes, we’re transforming the way our customers operate in unattended businesses, such as vending, laundromats, self-service carwashes, OCS photobooths and more operate, saving them, and us, time and resources. We are also utilizing the journey we built to expand our business to more merchants.”


In today’s world, no one even considers opening a business that doesn’t accept credit cards. We’re creating much more advanced and efficient payment solutions that benefit both our customers and end consumers, and have turned to Salesforce to help with optimizing their experiences”

Keren Sharir | CMO at Nayax

Staying Ahead of the Curve with a 360° In-House Management Solution

Nayax has been trailblazing the industry since 2005, when the company started as a cashless payment service and management solution provider for unattended retail. Over the years, thanks to their customer-first mindset and the ability to evolve, Nayax has become one of the world’s leading payment companies, boasting a present international reach of 10 sales offices and over 45 distributors.
Today, Nayax proudly serves customers across 65 countries, supports more than 350,000 points of sale worldwide, accepts 26 currencies and partners with over 70 global financial institutions. Nayax is also a licensed payment institution in Europe.

“Nayax is growing at a rate of more than forty percent each year,” says the CMO. “Salesforce has played a major role in allowing us to reach our goals by decreasing sales cycle time, enhancing productivity and helping us manage the sales process, all of which naturally translate to increased revenue.”

A Speedy, Frictionless Customer Service Experience with Service Cloud

Nayax is proud of its commitment to their customers. Delivering world-class service and maintaining open communication with customers is paramount to their mission. “One of the reasons we moved to Salesforce is that they enable us the ability and agility to put the customer in the center of everything that we do,” said Sharir. And added, “With Salesforce, we enjoy a suite of powerful productivity tools, allowing us to unify the customer support process and manage everything from one system- for example, orders, surveys, tickets, maintaining our SLA and more. This enables our sales and support teams to view the customer in a holistic way, offer an integrated solution and resolve cases faster.”
Another important factor in the company’s decision to use Salesforce was the latter’s ability to help service teams increase customer loyalty and reduce churn. This has been accomplished by improving engagement through personalized and transparent omnichannel customer service. “We’re ready to support any customer, on any channel, throughout the entire customer journey cycle,” said Sharir. “By using Service Cloud and Digital Engagement Platform we enable our support team to rapidly and productively respond to customer needs, through one unified customer service platform in any way our customer chooses to communicate with us.”

Streamlining the Onboarding Experience with Salesforce Partner & Customer Community

Nayax is helping write the cashless story in many markets, serving industries such as unattended retail, retail, public transit and electric vehicle chargers.
As Nayax continues to expand to new international markets and industries, the company’s standard for delivering a simplified onboarding experience remains high. “Our objective is to manage our customers in the best possible way throughout their entire customer journey, starting from the onboarding process,” says Sharir. “We use Salesforce to expedite the onboarding of new clients with the use of Salesforce’s API and automations. This has enormous benefits and continues to help our organization grow.

Since 2017, Nayax has leveraged Salesforce to streamline the way operators and distributers become a part of Nayax’s global network. The advanced capabilities offered by Salesforce, allows new customers to engage with Nayax easily in order to get their business up-and-running fast.
“We are constantly working to completely automate and digitalize our onboarding process, enabling us to achieve operational efficiency and reduce our admin work,” explained Sharir.
With the use of Salesforce Partner Communities, onboarding of new customers has become a seamless process – from signing the contract and KYC documentation, to entering Nayax’s backoffice system. “This delivers a complete, easy onboarding while maintaining the same messaging from start to finish. The CRM team is part of our marketing department, ensuring that all throughout the customer journey we communicate the same Nayax messages and values,” said Nayax’s CMO.

Scaling Up the Production Management Process

Since switching to Salesforce, not only is Nayax better positioned to build and nurture B2B customer relationships but has also completely transformed the production management process. “Salesforce provides ease of use for all users, whether it be the sales team or the production team” stated Sharir. “For example, with Salesforce we created an automated onboarding of customers in our back-office system and can even send orders to be manufactured.”

Developing Value-Added Services Through a Complete Management Solution

In addition to Nayax’s payment-as-a-service platform, the cashless payment specialist continues to develop value-added services for its customers – from a consumer engagement solution to customized payment methods, an API suite, a mobile wallet app to a fully customizable management system.
The end result is an agile ecosystem that helps merchants improve their bottom line. “We wanted to make sure that we chose a CRM and ecosystem that can grow with us and help us achieve the same goal we strive to provide our customers,” said Sharir.

By providing a platform extensive enough to support Nayax’s entire business chain, Salesforce has been a key factor in ensuring that everyone, whether customer, manufacturer or even Nayax’s own workforce, all speak the same Nayax language.

“For me, it was critical to ensure that the communication with our customers was a unified and painless process, enabling our customers and leads to communicate with us in any way they choose,” concluded Sharir.


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