With Salesforce, we can build more great apps that make people’s lives better, with greater reliability.”

- Marek Talarczyk, COO, Netguru

Netguru trebles demand for services with greater predictability and customer satisfaction.

Jack has an important work meeting, but his young daughter is sick. He pulls out his phone and within three hours a fully-screened babysitter is taking care of her while he’s smashing it in a London boardroom. Meanwhile, in the Middle East, Kamil is browsing underground musicians for some new tunes, and in Italy, Guilia has found the perfect artisan coffee table for her new home. These are just three of the millions of people using apps developed by Netguru every day.

“In the software development world it’s not enough to create high quality apps,” said Marek Talarczyk, COO at Netguru. “They’ve got to make people’s lives easier. And consumers want beautiful, user-friendly solutions that rival what the tech giants are putting out.”

With a Net Promoter Score averaging above nine and a 300% increase in demand for services in less than a year, it’s safe to say that Netguru is delivering on these demands.


Being innovative in the software development industry isn’t a choice, it’s a must. With Salesforce, I’ve blazed a trail by improving development predictability to a level that I was told just wasn’t possible. And we’ve increased our customer base by 300% along the way.”

Marek Talarczyk, COO, Netguru

Netguru blazes a trail for predictability

To stay ahead of the game, Netguru is blazing a trail with Salesforce. As Talarczyk said, “Being innovative isn’t a choice – it’s a must. To be the best you have to break out of your comfort zone, and Salesforce has helped us to do just that.”

In 2016, research released by Oxford University and McKinsey revealed an industry-wide problem for software developers: projects were not just complex, difficult and unpredictable, but 66% were not completed on time, 33% were blowing their budgets, and 17% were not returning the expected value. For Talarczyk, this wasn’t just a challenge: it was an opportunity.

“Predictability means being able to accurately estimate how long it will take to complete a project, and the risk involved. When we realised the impact this could have on customer satisfaction, as well as our own profitability, we made it our goal for 2017 to improve predictability,” Talarczyk explained.

Managing customers, projects and resources.

The company established the KPIs that define predictability, but it needed a single platform to consolidate this data and support its goal. With business data already captured in Sales Cloud, and the know-how to customise it to meet its needs, Netguru already had the solution it needed in its arsenal.

“We’ve been using Salesforce for CRM since 2015, so we knew it integrates well with our other systems and is easy to customise,” said Bartosz Dyja, Salesforce and Support Engineer for the company. “To track project data as well as customer information in Salesforce, I customised the standard fields to meet our needs and built in a couple of bespoke functions, such as custom search fields.”

Dyja also helped move the company’s job scheduling activities in Salesforce. Netguru prides itself on hiring the best talent, but with almost 300 consultants working on around 90 projects, assigning the right people to the right jobs was critical. “We were using an in-house solution to assign tasks, but we decided to consolidate that in Salesforce too. Now, when we get a new project the talent manager can find the best team by matching people’s skills and availability, and this has a big impact on the success of a project,” said Talarczyk.

Becoming more predictive about the future.

By analysing the project data captured in Salesforce, Netguru can plan better for the future, making smarter recruitment decisions to ensure the company has the right skills for the projects of tomorrow. “We can slice and dice our data in a whole variety of different ways to unlock richer insights, view different perspectives and spot trends,” said Talarczyk.

Netguru can also ensure its meeting customer expectations, with a traffic light system built into Salesforce to help teams focus their attention on any projects that could potentially hit difficulties. The company has even built an application, known as Smoke Detector, which takes the project data captured in Salesforce and a machine learning algorithm to identify which projects are likely to have issues, and the potential cause.

A winning formula for success.

With its ground-breaking approach to managing predictability supported by Salesforce, Netguru has achieved an incredible 102% increase in predictability. “When we asked around, we were told that we were unlikely to get predictability above 60%. Well with Salesforce we’re continually achieving 80%, which we were told just wasn’t possible!” said Talarczyk.

With optimised project scheduling, delivery, and predictability, Netguru has almost doubled in size in the last 18 months  “We’ve seen our success in improving predictability directly impact profitability, with an increase in customer satisfaction and referrals,” said Talarczyk. “With Salesforce, we can build more great apps that make people’s lives better and let them do things differently, with greater reliability.”


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