NeuHaus Group

With Salesforce, we’ve had to raise the bar at every level”

- Alexander Kashin, CEO, NeuHaus Group

NeuHaus builds a brighter future with Salesforce

Engineering services are in demand. And NeuHaus Group intends to make the most of every new opportunity.

Within 10 months of deploying Salesforce, the Russian engineering firm is already identifying more leads and winning more customers. As Alexander Kashin, CEO at NeuHaus, confirms: “We’ve boosted lead generation efficiency 10-fold and increased customer acquisition by 50 percent.”

The sales team at NeuHaus has become so successful that the company had to up its performance parameters. “We were beating every sales target by 30 percent,” explains Kashin. “Salesforce has injected greater velocity and visibility across the sales operation.”

This leap in performance has been mirrored across the company’s engineering project teams. Every project that NeuHaus delivers involves dozens of people and hundreds of tasks. Just one missed task could throw an entire project into disarray.

“To deliver on time and on scope, we need to co-ordinate the work of not only our employees but also our partners, vendors and contractors,” comments Kashin. And that’s where Chatter, an enterprise social networking tool that’s an integral part of Salesforce, comes in.

Faster and smarter decision-making

Using the Salesforce1 Platform, NeuHaus has integrated the collaboration tool with its project management system and a task management solution from the AppExchange, Salesforce’s marketplace for business apps.

This means that NeuHaus can ensure that every project and every task stays on track. “We need to involve lots of people in project decisions; being socially connected means we can accelerate the process and make it more transparent,” says Kashin. “Salesforce has broken down barriers internally and externally.”

Thanks to the Salesforce1 Mobile App, employees working off-site can also be part of the decision-making process while providing project updates remotely.

“With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, our field engineers and sales teams feel totally connected with the business even though they might be hundreds of kilometres away,” comments Kashin.

To foster even greater collaboration across its virtual team, NeuHaus is now looking at introducing Salesforce Communities for its partners and clients.

NeuHaus hasn’t just accelerated project delivery and the sales cycle; it’s also embedded greater agility across its entire business.

“It used to take us three months to create a report to support key business decisions. With Salesforce, we just click a button and look at a dashboard,” explains Kashin. “We knew that by implementing and integrating Salesforce we could double or triple the size of our business in a shorter timeframe.”


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