At O2, we believe in redefining business. Salesforce gives us tools to help us join up our employees, customers and partners.”

—Ben Dowd, Business Director

O2’s business is all about fresh thinking and new possibilities. As a leading communications company with over 23 million customers, the company brings millions of people together each day. When O2 wanted to join up customers, employees, and partners, the company decided to transform every aspect of its business. “We’ve always been innovators,” says Steve Thurlow, Head of IT. “Now we want to engage both internally and externally in a more connected way.”

O2 was quick to embrace social channels, as it is increasingly seeing a change in customers’ buying and service expectations—with a growing preference to use the online channel. “Our response to this has taken us on our business transformation journey to a multi-product, multi-channel company whilst continuing our profitable growth,” explains Ben Dowd, Business Director. “Evidence of this transformation can be seen in some of the services Salesforce is helping us deliver, such as the new online shopping experience for small office/home office businesses.”


Chatter clears the line for employee communication

O2’s in-store support staff—called “gurus”— use Salesforce Chatter to collaborate on issues and help customers immediately, often while they are still standing at the counter. Thurlow explains, “We can offer a differentiated retail experience because Salesforce helps our gurus solve problems quickly and deliver absolutely brilliant customer service.”
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