With Salesforce, we have the innovative platform we need to deliver an excellent customer experience, helping us to stand out from the crowd.”

- Luís Ferrinho of Omnibees

Omnibees simplifies hotel management and increases sales

Every year, thousands of holiday-makers and businesses plan their travels quickly and easily with cloud-based booking systems.

More than 3,800 hotels in Latin America, the USA, and Europe use the Omnibees platform. Omnibees helps customers to manage and analyse all of their sales, distribution, marketing and loyalty channels, freeing up hotel staff so they can focus on diversifying their customer base and increasing sales.

“Omnibees’ CRS (Central Reservation System) is comprehensive and innovative, and makes hotel distribution simpler and more effective by centralising communications between bookings engines, online travel agencies, tour operators, travel management companies, global distribution systems, and metasearch engines,” said Luís Ferrinho, CEO of Omnibees.


Understanding the customer lifecycle helps to deliver excellent service

Omnibees’ services are supported by a number of specialist teams that collaborate to deliver a joined-up customer experience, therefore, different teams manage customer interactions at various stages throughout the lifecycle. To manage the customer experience efficiently, the company needs a 360-degree view of all customer interactions throughout the process.


“We have teams in several countries across America and Europe, so visibility and smooth collaboration are essential,” said Luís Ferrinho. “To unlock a single view of the customer, we have to be able to centralise all our data – from sales and support to training and onboarding.”


Omnibees also has to work seamlessly with more than 350 technology partners that are essential to run and upgrade its platform.

“We chose Salesforce because it gives us a single view of customer and partner data — everything is standardised and available. Now we have sales and customer service teams working from one integrated platform, which was a crucial requirement of ours from day one,” explains Luís Sequeira, Business Manager & Global Partnerships Lead from Omnibees.

Visibility, integration, and flexibility

The 360-degree view of customer data helps the teams to understand the status of each account and contact so they can optimise their interactions with them. With Salesforce, there is complete visibility of performance, response time, and quality of service. Using this data, the company can take measures to correct and optimise procedures and the level of team knowledge. “Our business has become more flexible and innovative, which really helps us stand apart from our competitors,” said Luís Sequeira.

Better customer service

Providing excellent customer service is a real differentiator for Omnibees. Its 3,800-plus customers contact the company’s support team with a range of queries every day – generating an average of 300 to 400 queries per day. Each query is centrally managed in Service Cloud, which is integral to Omnibees’ customer service operations. “We can respond quickly and accurately to customer queries,” said Luís Sequeira. “This has even helped connect our support operations with the rest of the business.”

Training – the Omnibees Academy

The world of online distribution is being revolutionised, and hotel managers are finding it difficult to stay up to date. But Omnibees has built a customer community on Salesforce to give them a platform providing access to knowledge, training, and support technicians. “Access to real-time data and training are crucial for our customers. The customer community will provide more than 10,000 users with access to information and support, and they can use it to sign up for webinars, online training and videos,” said Luís Sequeira.

Personalising the customer journey

Email remains a key communication channel when it comes to customer service, especially during the sales cycle. With the implementation of Salesforce Quote-to-Cash, Salesforce Inbox and the Salesforce Mobile App, the team has access to a central repository of customer data, and their email service from their mobile devices, helping to maintain consistency when negotiating sales proposals.

With the mobile app, information is loaded in real time enabling increased efficiency throughout the sales process. “Salesforce gives us lots of scope for personalisation, and to integrate additional tools. This means we can completely personalise the customer journey,” said Luís Sequeira.

Omnichannel communication capabilities

Omnichannel customer communication is critical for Omnibees. “Our communication channels are all integrated with Salesforce, meaning we can deliver uninterrupted customer service, and with highly-available customer data we can have more personal conversations. This data also helps us be more competitive and predictive, as spotting customer trends helps boost customer satisfaction and driver better relationships,” said Luís Sequeira.

“Omnibees has improved internal communication through its use of Chatter. The solution enables employees in different teams to collaborate on cases, accounts, and opportunities, and to create dedicated groups. Chatter has significantly reduced internal emails by 85%,” said Luís Ferrinho. “Both service agents and customers enjoy smoother interactions and in turn support processes can be better managed.”

Omnibees has measured the success of its Salesforce implementation with a set of metrics and objectives that have been applied to every department. “This granular data tells us how and where we can improve processes, and in turn helps us to measure the success of the Salesforce platform in sales, customer onboarding and support,” said Luís Ferrinho.

The company also tracks metrics related to case resolution and response times. “Our technical support teams are responding to customers 60% faster, and the centralised registration process underpinned by Service Cloud saves both time and money. With Salesforce, our sales teams are better informed, more efficient and more competitive.  Customer service is faster, so in a nutshell, Salesforce has lifted us to a whole new level,” said Luís Ferrinho.


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