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Onnera Group Adds Five Stars for its Field Service with Salesforce

Onnera Group is an international business group manufacturing and supplying equipment for catering, laundry and cooling. Onnera Group offers its products and services through eight brands, among which FAGOR stands out, operates seven manufacturing plants and with more than 2,000 employees is active on five continents.

Onnera is the leading brand in professional kitchen, restaurant and laundry projects, also offering comprehensive maintenance services and solutions for sustainability and energy efficiency. Its focus of activities is Spain and the Caribbean with clients being hotels, haute cuisine, hospitals, etc.

"For us Salesforce is the foundation a for our digital transformation" Ramón Gómez Ugalde, Corporate Director, Onnera Group.

Transparency And Efficiency

Involve customers

With about 150 clients throughout Spain and 56 Service Centers, ONNERA set itself the objective of raising the level of the scope and quality of the service it provided to its clients.

"Before the implementation of Salesforce Field Service we communicated both with our clients and with each of our subcontractors, through email," explains Ismael Busquets. Director Technical Service Onnera.


Automation that frees up resources

The external processes of customer- and partner interaction were the first areas that were addressed. The use of e-mail communications was replaced by Salesforce Communities. This led to significant reduction of  the response and repair times of incidents as well as increased visibility and traceability.

“Through a high level of automation our Local Service Customer Managers now spend significantly less time dealing with standard requests and can dedicate themselves to higher value-adding tasks" says Busquets.

Reach the customer in half the time

Onnera managed to implement Salesforce Field Service in only four months applying a paralleled approach. Having planned two months for the definition another two for the construction and parameterisation and one month more to finally rollout.

“In the past, deploying such complex systems usually took us around twelve months - with Salesforce Field Service after just four months, everyone was already productive. From here we are continuing in an agile approach where we constantly apply improvements" says Gómez Ugalde. As a prerequisite Onnera has applied a high level of process standardization both internally and with Service Contractors.


Accompanying The Client From Start To Finish

Onnera runs a dense Network of Service Subcontractors making Transparency and Automation key success factors. "Thanks to the platform capabilities to create automation, alarms and alerts, we can now better manage the work of our subcontractors and optimise their services," says Busquets. "customers are now automatically pre-advised on regular maintenance visits which allows them to better prepare which improves both experience and efficiency"

With thousands of incidents per month, it was important to gain visibility "Salesforce has allowed us to identify each of our machines with its serial number and, when three incidents of the same machine occur in a short period of time, an alert is automatically triggered," explains Busquets. This alert goes directly to the technical service manager so that he can act pro-actively to avoid complaints, downtimes and unnecessary cost for the customer.

In the next project phase ONNERA GROUP is connecting its own IoT platform with the Salesforce platform increasing automation, responsiveness and allowing for even more customer centric services.


With Salesforce we anticipate possible issues and can prevent problems by being able to inform the client if it is necessary to modify something on a specific machine”

Ramón Gómez Ugalde | Corporate Director of Onnera Group

Better and faster decision making

 "The Gantt Chart is our Field Service Control Center  and it allows us to get full visibility to the entire Service Operations in real time" says Busquets "On top of that Salesforce gives us easy access to reports and dashboards in real-time that were previously difficult to obtain and had the risk of manual errors and latency."

"This is not only saving us time in the generation of these reports in the range of 50-75%, but it contributes to making faster decisions, supported by better information" adds Gómez Ugalde. Agile project of continuous improvement.

The implementation of Field Service is a living project, as proof that "we propose system updates every three or four months, launching new functionalities," says Gómez Ugalde.

The benefits derived from this innovation is focused on efficiency, user experience and customer experience.


We want the client to always have visibility on their installation including service history allowing him to track the status of active services cases through a Customer portal in real time.”

Ramón Gómez Ugalde | Corporate Director of Onnera Group

One platform for the entire customer lifecycle

The Director of Digital Transformation is convinced that "Salesforce is a lever for innovation and a foundation for Onnera’s Business Transformation". Combining Field Service with other business units enables Onnera to have a 360 degree view on the customer throughout the entire live-cycle from Project acquisition to providing support in the after-sales service.  “Salesforce is our cohesive platform that enables us to manage the entire process that ONNERA has with its clients”, concludes Gómez Ugalde.

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