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Oxylabs automates sales processes to deliver next-generation proxy solutions globally

Oxylabs’ mission is straightforward: to ensure that every company has access to big data.

It’s a simple idea that in practice involves a world of complexity. For a company of over 250 employees, helping businesses worldwide to access hidden gems of business intelligence requires both innovative solutions and flawless processes. 

But Oxylabs thrives in that complexity. Founded in 2008, it’s become a global player, leading to over 1000-strong global client base including dozens of partnerships with Fortune 500 companies. Oxylabs serves businesses in the fields of ecommerce, cybersecurity, travel, SEO marketing agencies and more. 

At Salesforce, we have seen Oxylabs’ journey first-hand – since 2015, the company has accelerated sales and driven growth through automation using Sales Cloud and Platform, while bringing accuracy and uniformity to an ocean of big data.

Creating order from complexity

Transparency is a cornerstone of Oxylabs’ success. As a premium proxy provider, the company has to make sure that every client relationship is grounded in clear, trusted and seamless experiences.

However, Oxylabs’ rapid growth meant their internal processes had grown dispersed and siloed between multiple databases and different departments. As the company continued to expand, it got more difficult to collect and manage accurate customer data – and therefore harder to consistently make fully-informed strategic decisions.

One of the primary causes of this complexity was also one of Oxylabs’ greatest strengths – its network of trusted partnerships with major players with access to vast pools of valuable data. “Our data processes were just too vast and disparate to automate with our existing tools. We knew we needed an all-encompassing, cloud-based platform that’s easy for every team to use,” said Greta Alsyte, Oxylabs’ Head of Revenue Operations.

At the time, Salesforce wasn’t widely used in Lithuania – but that didn’t stop this particular Trailblazer. Due to a lack of local Salesforce specialists, Oxylabs initially built its own internal CRM system on a small-scale basis. It then implemented Sales Cloud for their sales reps, and the team soon began unlocking new potential from the platform’s features.

It quickly became clear there was more for Salesforce and Oxylabs to achieve together – adopting a larger scale plan meant the company could automate more processes across more departments through the power of low-code. “We love how Salesforce lets us customise and integrate complex “out of the box” options without developers,” said Alsyte. “Now we can build and automate processes that mesh with our growth strategy and continue to give clients a premium service.”

Automation drives growth

2020 has been a difficult year for businesses everywhere. But throughout great disruption and economic uncertainty, Oxylabs’ numbers have soared. Since the beginning of 2020, the company has hired 56 new employees – a 32% increase. By the end 2021, Oxylabs aims to have over 300 employees and open a third office in the capital.

“Our growth this year wouldn’t have been possible without the process automation that Sales Cloud supports. We’re seeing great efficiencies across the whole business,” said Tomas Montvilas, Oxylabs’ Chief Commercial Officer.

Automated manual processes allow sales and customer service teams more time to help clients. And these efficiencies also free up resources for Oxylabs to double down on innovation – developing new products, executing more strategic initiatives and hiring more people.

“The Salesforce platform has been a game-changer. It’s allowed us to quickly scale up our processes and adapt to changing conditions – most importantly servicing our growing client base,” said Montvilas.

Seamless process flow from front to back-office

Oxylabs’ automation drive has allowed it to focus just as keenly on prospects as clients. The inbound and outbound sales teams have automated nearly every administrative step of their respective targets’ journeys. Now, sales managers focus on inbound leads instead of manually managing manual data entry processes. 

The system also serves as a single source of truth, supplying essential data on revenue, pricing and product improvement. Using these insights across its pipeline, Oxylabs’ analytics team can consistently target ideal prospects to feed outbound sales. 

Sales admin has also drastically fallen across the front and back-office. Oxylabs has automated processes including drawing up contracts, tracking ROI and self-checkout flow – boosting customer satisfaction by reducing manual input, and freeing up salespeople to focus on value-generating activities. “These admin reducers have laddered up one of our most precious assets across the business: time,” said Montvilas. “Automating a crucial process like billing flow has drastically reduced the resources needed for what was an unbelievably time-consuming task.”

There’s no time to lose...

With time recouped and ambition as fierce as ever, Oxylabs plans to continue improving its customer and employee experiences.

The firm now aims to streamline its self-service check-out and onboarding procedures – as well as investigate customer value management solutions to improve service speed and quality. Oxylabs is determined to build on 2020’s successes by reducing redundant work with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), freeing up employees to focus on more projects that move the dial.

“With Salesforce we can build automation tools that let Oxylabs design, test and implement new RPA processes, fast,” said Alsyte. “A couple of years ago, just the idea of that would’ve been daunting. Today, we know we can make it happen.”


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