Salesforce has been revolutionary for us and has changed the way we interact with customers”

- Cédric Bertin, Global CRM Manager at Salomon

Salomon scales new heights with greater customer centricity

Through automation and predictive intelligence, the company provides a consistent  omni-channel experience that acts as a blueprint for all brands in the Amer Sports Group.

Founded by Francois Salomon in Annecy, France, as a workshop for the production of skis and bindings, the winter sports and outdoor equipment company Salomon has continued to expand its portfolio over the years. Salomon grew to become the largest of eleven brands under the umbrella of Finnish Amer Sports Group by offering cross-country and alpine boots as well as a diverse range of winter sport and outdoor products. 

As part of such an extensive group of companies, however, Salomon needs to sharpen its profile in order to reach a broad target audience beyond the diehard winter sports community. 

To achieve this, the company launched a two-phase transformation in 2015: firstly repositioning its brand and building on its own strength – mountain sports, followed by a sharpened focus on having closer, more personalised interactions with the customer.

Omni-channel brand experience with Salesforce: “anytime, anywhere, anyhow”

“Two and a half years ago, we launched a new era at Salomon and put customers at the centre of our brand,” says Global CRM Manager, Cédric Bertin, summarising his mission. “For the company, which  up until now has been primarily focused on distribution to dealers, this was an important evolution, and the ability to view customer interactions holistically is a completely new experience. In order to make this change both efficient and successful, we used marketing automation and the Salesforce platform,” he adds. 

Already a Salesforce customer, Salomon had introduced Service Cloud for customer service in 2013.  And email automation tools, ExactTarget, and Marketing Cloud followed in 2014. “For me, Salesforce is one of the most innovative solutions currently available, because it‘s more than just a platform that you implement. Salesforce shares our vision and connects sales, marketing, and service. We are currently working in partnership to be able to map all the touchpoints onto a single platform. That’s why we chose Salesforce,” says Bertin. “The Salesforce platform will enable us to achieve our goal of a consistent, omni-channel brand experience that reaches customers via their chosen communication and distribution channels – anytime, anywhere, anyhow.”


For me, Salesforce is one of the most innovative solutions currently available, because it is more than just a software that you implement. Salesforce shares our vision.”

-Cédric Bertin, Global CRM Manager at Salomon

Data in exchange for personalised content

Bertin manages the global email marketing  strategy from his office in Annecy. Before Bertin joined Salomon, the company had individual country-specific initiatives, but hadn‘t taken advantage of the immense potential of email marketing. Now, the goal is to use personal information such as gender, sports activities, and purchase behaviour to design relevant and interesting offers for different customers. “The data that we collect on our website, at events, and in our own stores enables us to design a better customer journey and send meaningful and relevant content,” Bertin explains.

Cross selling: personalised service at the digital checkout

Bertin’s goal was to harmonise the brand experience  across product categories and countries, thereby  building long-term relationships with its customers:  “We no longer think in terms of individual channels,  but of touchpoints instead.” 

The company started automating its email marketing  campaigns by defining two customer journeys:  the “Abandoned Cart”, when a customer leaves  the webshop without checking out a full shopping  cart, and the “Cross Sell”, which recommends suitable  products related to recently purchased articles.  For both journeys, Salomon relies on Salesforce’s  predictive intelligence technology.

In the first scenario, a reminder with the selected products and a dynamic link to the filled shopping cart is sent  to customers who haven’t completed their purchase.  Salomon is achieving outstanding open and conversion rates as a result of this additional prompt. In the second case, the “Cross Selling Recommendation” email  offers suitable products relating to recent purchases.  Both campaigns have achieved good open and click rates.

Blueprint for the whole Amer Sports Group

Salomon has increased conversion rates and can now offer customers a personalised experience that combines analogue and digital channels for them to interact with the brand. “Salesforce is revolutionary for us because it has changed the way we interact with our customers. But this is only the first step towards a new brand profile,” summarises Bertin. “We still have a lot of work to do to strengthen our position.” His motto is ‘Think big, start small, move fast.’ With his automation strategy, the Global CRM Manager has generated a blueprint that is being extended to other brands of the Amer Sports Group. His goal for Salomon is to become a leading brand through close relationships with its customers.  To help achieve this, Bertin wants to integrate Marketing and Service Cloud even more closely so that customer service and marketing teams can work together to increase customer loyalty. In addition, he intends to use Salesforce Einstein to leverage artificial intelligence and identify customers on social media platforms to develop additional customer journeys, such as welcoming new customers when they’re onboarded or reactivating inactive customers,  for example.

Project overview:

  • Reposition the brand with a stronger focus on direct customer interactions.
  • Consolidate all data sources, including retail, onto a single platform to strengthen and unify brand experience.
  • Implement Marketing Cloud and Email Studio to automate email marketing and provide a central platform for customer interactions.
  • Create customer journeys “Abandoned Cart” and “Cross Sell” for direct, personalised communication with customers.
  • Customise products and predictive intelligence to collect and utilise customer data in the sports trade.
  • Customise content to increase the conversion rate in ecommerce.
  • Move towards a unified omni-channel brand experience along all touchpoints of the customer journey.

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