With Salesforce, we can respond more quickly and effectively to the needs of our customers and keep enriching their experience.”

—Hákon Halldórsson, CRM Programme Manager, Síminn

Síminn calls the shots with Salesforce

Síminn has been connecting people across Iceland since 1906. Originally the country’s national telecommunications operator. Síminn provides the full range of quadruple play services — broadband, mobile, telephony, and television.

To stand out in today’s crowded telecommunications sector, Síminn is continuously delivering innovations to its corporate and consumer customers to help ‘make technology useful and tomorrow more exciting’. “We must be agile and innovative to respond to our customers’ continuous appetite for new services,” said Birna Ósk Einarsdóttir, Managing Director of Sales and Services at Síminn.

The company’s past heritage can be both an advantage and disadvantage when innovating for the future. “To get where we want to be, we have to work through legacy technology and departmental siloes. New entrants don’t have to deal with this complexity,” said Hákon Davíð Halldórsson, CRM Programme Manager at Síminn.

For Síminn, being successful is not just about the variety and volume of its telecommunication services; it’s also about the quality of the end-to-end customer experience. “Everything we do needs to revolve around our customers — every offering, every interaction, and every service must be aligned to their needs,” said Einarsdóttir.

Multi-channel engagement

To provide its customers with the responsive services they expect, Síminn has been using Salesforce since 2006. “Síminn was an early adopter,” said Halldórsson. “Adopting a cloud-based service raised some controversy at the time, but the benefits are quite clear – we don’t have to worry about upgrades or outages and it’s really easy to customise as business processes evolve.”

With Service Cloud, Síminn’s customer service team can respond to customer queries across multiple channels. “With Service Cloud we can get closer to our customers by better understanding their history and current needs,” explained Halldórsson.

With CTI (computer telephony integration), service reps can identify a customer before speaking to them and pull up relevant information. “We’ve customised the Service Cloud dashboards according to different employee roles,” explained Halldórsson. “Sales and service reps only see what’s relevant to them and their customers.”

As well as making contact by phone and email, customers can also talk to service reps via web chats with Service Cloud Live Agent. “With Live Agent, our team cannot only respond faster, they can also multi-task more easily,” Halldórsson added.

The knowledge articles captured in Service Cloud also help ensure a speedy response to customer queries. If reps need more detailed expertise, they can contact specialist colleagues via Chatter. “Our sales, service, technical, and product development teams have been collaborating via Chatter since 2014,” said Halldórsson. “You can throw any question out and usually get a rapid response.”

By empowering its service centre team, Síminn has been able to improve the customer experience. “We consistently hit our target of 85% for first call resolution, and our call handling time is better than the industry average,” said Halldórsson.

For example, case handling times for escalations to one technical team improved by 24 hours.

Síminn now wants to extend the results achieved in its service operation to its sales activities. “Service Cloud helps us manage contracts and automates certain ordering processes, for example, IP connectivity, but we want to start using Salesforce solutions more on the sales side,” said Halldórsson. “We want to speed up the process for customer quotes and registrations, and also push out articles to encourage greater self-service across our customer base.”

Smarter business insights

Síminn started using customer and partner communities to accelerate its self-service journey in early 2016. “We wanted to introduce a mobile subscription service that would appeal to a younger customer base,” said Einarsdóttir.

Built on Community Cloud, Síminn’s Þrenna mobile subscription solution enables more than 2,100 customers to register, manage their accounts, and access self-service support, including knowledge articles.

Síminn has also created partner communities on Community Cloud, which simplify information sharing between internal teams and external partners.

“We can collaborate more effectively with our partners with Community Cloud, which ensures our customers experience consistent service quality regardless of who is delivering the service.”

With Salesforce underpinning so many key business processes, the company has a mass of intelligence at its fingertips, which it is starting to use at a strategic level. “From service metrics and customer insights to employee performance, we can generate reports that align with our wider business goals,” said Halldórsson. “With Salesforce, we have a great view of our business and our performance.”

To ensure that this view is never impaired, Síminn has signed up to the Salesforce Premier Success Plan. “It give us instant access to every training document that we’ll ever need, which really helps with onboarding new developers,” explained Halldórsson. “It also means that we can tap into a great ecosystem of support when embarking on new initiatives.”

By empowering its people and enhancing its processes, Síminn can keep pace with the competition and keep delivering the innovative and responsive customer services. “With Salesforce, we can respond more quickly and effectively to the needs of our customers and keep enriching their experience,” said Einarsdóttir.


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