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Spendrups raises a glass to greater growth and stronger relationships with Salesforce

For more than 100 years, family brewery Spendrups has been making and distributing beer, wine, and spirits to wholesalers and restaurants across Sweden. The extended Spendrups family has grown to include 1,100 employees Across three breweries.

For Spendrups, growth isn’t just about stronger sales, it’s about stronger relationships. “We want to keep adding greater value to our customers,” explained Fredrika Frisk, CRM Programme Manager at the business. “With Salesforce, we can move away from processing one-off transactions to building long-term partnerships.”

Meeting diverse customer needs.

Spendrups’ 14,000-strong B2B customer base includes restaurants, fast-moving consumer goods companies, wholesalers, and Systembolaget – a government-owned chain in Sweden, which sells alcohol to consumers. It also has a dedicated division supporting approximately 8,000 restaurants. “To meet the diverse needs of the restaurant market and stay competitive, we need to be able to offer a seamless customer experience,” said Frisk. 

Richer insights are essential for making closer customer connections – especially when it comes to individual restaurants, which often have very different requirements. With no central CRM platform, Spendrups’ data was dispersed across multiple systems, ” added Frisk. “Our teams lacked visibility of customer history and ongoing activities, which made it harder to respond to customer queries quickly.”

Providing a faster response to customer queries.

In summer 2019, the brewer rolled out Salesforce. Today, when a customer contacts Spendrups the service agent can see their full history. Thanks to a telephony integration, the contact number can be matched a customer record before a call is even answered.

“With Salesforce, we can improve service continuity and quality,” explained Frisk. “When a customer calls us, we can pick up the conversation from where we left off even if it’s a different agent.”

Salesforce Service Cloud is integrated with Spendrups’ ERP system, which provides agents with additional insight into a customer’s account. Customer service agents can now handle 160 cases per day – and provide a faster and smarter response. “Salesforce has transformed the support experience, which has increased staff and customer satisfaction,” said Frisk. 

Spendrups has also simplified the onboarding process for new customers. “For example, we need to ensure new customers have alcohol licensing, their credit record, and delivery options before we can sell alcohol to them,” explained Frisk. “With Salesforce, we can centralise all that data in one place and carry out checks in a shorter timeframe.”

Increased visibility simplifies maintenance and customer onboarding.

Spendrups’ customers interact with a range of contacts across the company not just sales representatives. For example, as part of its service offering to restaurants, Spendrups needs to schedule regular maintenance visits to ensure drinks equipment, such as beer taps and refrigerators, are operating correctly. 

With Service Cloud, customer-facing employees in different departments can see an overview of all activities, visits, and maintenance tasks - both planned and completed. “With Salesforce, we can be more proactive instead of reactive. For example, if we know a delivery is delayed during transit, we can inform a customer in advance,” said Frisk.

Spendrups has also increased efficiency and visibility for its sales team. With Sales Cloud underpinning opportunity tracking, sales reps can prioritise new business more easily. 

Integrations unlock new efficiencies and insights.

Integrations are key for Spendrups and have helped to unlock further efficiency gains. For example, it has integrated its ERP system and a solution that helps the sales team to follow up contracts and alerts them to when to start renewal negotiations. 

All orders placed by customers on Spendrups’ online store or with a Spendrups contact are also captured in Salesforce. Thanks to the Salesforce Mobile App, sales reps can access customer records when travelling. With better visibility of orders the team identify more cross- and up-sell opportunities. 

“We’ve added a customised mapping solution that shows reps where customers are in their region and enables them to check when they were last visited,” explained Frisk. “This helps them to reach out to the right customers at the right time to ensure more deals are closed and customers remain satisfied.

Spendrups lays the foundations for future growth.

With greater visibility across the organisation, Spendrups is building stronger relationships that will help it stay customer-centric. “With Salesforce, we can deliver more relevant and efficient service to our customers,” said Frisk. “Our next step is to handle our marketing campaigns, which will give us a better overview of what offers different customers have received.”

By offering a better experience and more seamless service, Spendrups can boost retention while attracting new customers: “With Salesforce, we can keep growing our business and help more Swedish restaurants achieve greater success.” said Kristina Askstedt, Sales Director at Spendrups.


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