Salesforce is the global powerhouse helping us to build stronger long-term relationships with our customers.”

- David Kistler, Marketing Director, Stöckli

Stöckli boosts customer satisfaction with more personalised and relevant communications.

Skis are a high involvement product, not an impulse buy, and when it comes to marketing specialist sports equipment, one size does not fit all. “We want to show our customers that we care about our relationship,” said David Kistler, Marketing Director at Stöckli. “To build loyalty and a mutually beneficial relationship, we need to promote the right products to the right people at the right time.”

Stöckli has been manufacturing skis for more than 80 years, and now has
15 retail stores selling ski and cycling equipment throughout Switzerland.
With a headcount of 250 employees,
the retailer’s online and social presence draws a huge number of subscribers, and creating relevant marketing content is crucial in competing with global brands. 

Evolving in a digital age

The digital revolution has taken shopping and gathering product information off the high street and onto the internet, and retail has had to evolve rapidly to meet changing customer needs. “The next step in ecommerce is not just promoting online, but getting to know our customers to highlight the products they might be interested in at that time,” explained Kistler. “For example, if a customer has just bought a pair of skis, it will be a couple of years before they’re interested in seeing our offers on skis again.”

Recognising that it needed a central repository for customer information, Stöckli decided to look for a CRM platform that would be agile enough to grow and flex with the company as its business needs change.

In 2016, it deployed Salesforce in partnership with PARX. “We looked at global and local players in CRM, but we had the most confidence in Salesforce, particularly when it came to its ability to meet both our current and future needs,” said Kistler.

Stöckli now uses Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud to track customer data, engagement, and satisfaction scores. Through integration with the company’s website, Stöckli can capture essential customer information, such as the products the customer is interested in and the time they spend looking at them online, and use this to generate leads and personalised communications.

Getting to know more customers

“With Marketing Cloud, we can create dynamic customer newsletters that focus on an individual’s specific interests and feature sections on the products they like,” explained Kistler. 

Getting smart about marketing

This one-to-one approach also applies to the promotions offered to customers. “If a customer has just made a purchase, the last thing they want to see is that a similar item is now available on sale,” said Kistler. “With Salesforce we make sure that only relevant offers are sent to each customer.”

These weekly promotions are often linked to instore events and sweepstakes, helping to provide a joined-up approach across digital and face-to-face interactions without an extensive marketing team. “We’re competing with global brands and massive stores, so we need to provide a similar experience,” said Kistler. “With Marketing Cloud’s automation and intelligent analytics, we can provide a customer experience as good or even better than the bigger brands with our marketing team of just two. You only have to put the time in once – you can build on what you’ve already developed and repeat processes that work.” 

A platform for the future

With better visibility of email open and click-through rates, Stöckli can also verify the email headers, content, and campaigns that are the most successful and measure their ROI. “We’re constantly improving the quality of our newsletters and relevance of our promotions,” said Kistler. “Better content means more subscribers, so we’re reaching more people all the time.”

To gain a vital insight into customer satisfaction, Stöckli worked with leading online survey company SurveyMonkey to integrate its solution with Salesforce. “Our business is about building good long-term relationships so it’s highly important to us to have a quantifiable way of measuring customer satisfaction,” said Kistler. “Via the integration with SurveyMonkey, we can capture the customer satisfaction level and make sure we’re making decisions that improve the customer experience.” 

Processes supported at Stöckli:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Personalised newsletters and promotions
  • Customer satisfaction tracking 

As well as providing insights into past customer behaviour, Salesforce is also helping Stöckli unlock deeper insights into future customer behaviour and get more predictive. “Now we’re starting to understand our customers better, we’re building more and more complex customer journeys in Marketing Cloud, with tailored and relevant messages that keep us front of mind,” explained Kistler. With Salesforce providing actionable insights and the level of automation and personalisation Stöckli needs, the company can provide an exceptional customer experience in a cost-effective and efficient manner. “Salesforce is a global powerhouse, but it’s also easy to manage. Together, we can show our customers that they’re valued and build long-term relationships with that all important personal touch,” concluded Kistler.


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