Salesforce is helping us pioneer a new model of social entrepreneurism.”


Salesforce helps TOMS keep its best foot forward

Most companies are built around the idea of selling. But for TOMS, giving is equally important. For each product the company sells, it gives to a person in need — One for One. Since the company was founded in 2006, sales and giving activities have skyrocketed. To maintain personal connections with consumers as it continues to grow, TOMS uses Salesforce. “TOMS was built on a movement, a sense of community and caring for people in need. We grew fast and it became increasingly difficult to keep deep connections with customers beyond a grassroots level,” said Hilda Fontana, Global Vice President, Digital Technologies. “We turned to Salesforce because we want to build even stronger and longer lasting relationships with customers, and connect our employees.” The company started by implementing Service Cloud to help call centers in the U.S. and Europe manage phone calls and inquiries on social media. “We aren’t measuring ourselves by the traditional service metrics of call volume or resolution times,” explained Fontana. “We care about customer happiness, satisfaction, and long term relationships.” Service Cloud helps agents see full views of customers — including their social media profiles.

We turned to Salesforce because we want to build even stronger and longer lasting relationships with customers.”


Moving ahead, one step at a time

It’s not just consumers that are important to TOMS. The company also needs to stay connected with its giving partners including organizations that deliver donated shoes or eye services to those in need. The company plans to add partners to its Salesforce implementation and bring every aspect of its business together. “Salesforce will give us a view of every facet of our customer interactions. It’s key to continuing to grow and nurture all of our relationships and deliver on our movement and mission,” said Fontana.


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