With Salesforce, we can engage with our customers on a one-to-one basis, react quickly to change, and stay competitive in the fast-paced fashion industry.”

- Erdem Inan, CMO, Trendyol

Trendyol gives marketing a makeover with Salesforce

Elif scrolls through Instagram on the train, on her lunch break, and when she’s waiting for friends. By the end of the day, she’s full of new ideas to update her look: with Trendyol, she has a 24/7 fashion boutique right in her pocket. The online fashion retailer is blazing a trail to tailor Elif’s online shopping experience to be as unique as she is.

“Fashion is one of the fastest–paced industries imaginable, with new trends coming in not just from big fashion houses, but from social media influencers as well,” said Erdem Inan, CMO at Trendyol. “To give customers the best online experience, we have to stay ahead of the trends, and keep them inspired them with highly personalised communications.”

10 million customers shop at Trendyol

The leading online fashion destination in Turkey, Trendyol has more than 10 million members across the country, and is now planning to expand its presence in Europe. To support growth, Trendyol needs to provide a personalised experience at a massive scale, which led it to Salesforce.  

“We have a great marketing team and some excellent data scientists, but we needed to provide them with the ability to automatically segment customers and personalise content across different channels on a massive scale,” said Inan. “With 70% of sales coming from mobile devices, push notifications, SMS, social media ads, and email are all important channels for us.”

Greater personalisation doubles email open rates

To bring greater consistency and clarity to multi-channel customer journeys, the company rolled out Marketing Cloud in November 2017, migrating its key marketing processes in just three months. “As well as providing all the functionality we needed to support our marketing strategy, Salesforce offered the flexibility and ease of use we were looking for,” said said Enis Çiçek, CRM System Analyst.

With Marketing Cloud, Trendyol’s marketing team sends more than 30 million emails and two million SMS messages every month. Many of these are tailored to the specific customer. “Micro-segmentation is the way forward,” confirmed Inan. “With Marketing Cloud, we can segment customers intelligently to ensure they’re receiving the messages that are the most relevant to them.”

To provide customers with a truly one-to-one experience, Trendyol has integrated Liveclicker with Marketing Cloud to add small touches that make a big difference, such as displaying customer names in advertising, posting relevant videos in social media feeds, and even including local weather forecasts in emails. 

With greater personalisation, open rates have doubled, and click through rates are up by 50%. And by integrating Salesforce with Google and Adwords on Facebook to make advertising more relevant, the company has seen a 220% increase in return on ad spending in just three months.

NPS data helps marketing teams focus improvements to the customer experience

Trendyol is now taking personalisation to the next level using Einstein’s Predictive Intelligence. “We have 200,000 products available via our website at any one time. With Einstein, we can make recommendations based on the customer’s browsing history and previous purchases to increase cart sizes,” explained Çiçek. “We’re already using this capability as part of the abandoned cart journey we’ve built in Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder.”

The marketing team have also used Journey Builder to welcome new customers onboard and to capture NPS scores. “We wanted to understand exactly what impacts an NPS score so we can take action to improve them,” said Kutay Konakçi, Director of CRM. “We’re encouraging more customers to provide feedback with Marketing Cloud, and using that data to help customer service agents prioritise unhappy customers and have better conversations.”

This data has already helped Trendyol’s data scientists identify a significant correlation between low NPS scores and particular demographics. “We’re adjusting our focus in some departments, which we’re hoping will result in a better experience for certain demographics,” said Konakçi. 

Empowering the team to be more creative helps them add greater value

With helpful data readily available and time-consuming segmentation processes automated, Trendyol’s marketing team can focus on more valuable and creative activities. “As well as helping us to focus on better engagement strategies, Salesforce helps us to attract and retain the best talent in the industry,” said Konakçi. “We can offer more exciting roles and have improved job satisfaction for the existing team.”

To make sure the team gets the most out of Salesforce, the company has been using Trailhead for online training. “Trailhead is a great way to gain new skills, so we’re encouraging the team to use it on a regular basis to learn more about Marketing Cloud and what it can do for us,” said Çiçek.

As Trendyol reaches its eighth birthday, the trailblazing company is building stronger and more relevant relationships with its customers, which will help it achieve its goals for European growth. “With Salesforce, we can engage with our customers on a one-to-one basis, react quickly to change, and stay competitive in the fast-paced fashion industry,” said Inan. “These capabilities will be key to our success as we take on Europe.”


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