Unlimint helps businesses pay and receive funds globally with Salesforce

Unlimint (formerly Cardpay) helps eCommerce businesses around the world make electronic payments faster, simpler and more secure. Since 2009, Unlimint has expanded dramatically and now has 14 offices worldwide staffed by local experts.

“We are growing, and growing fast,” says Anton Komukhin, Head of Product Management at Unlimint. “In the past year, we’ve opened offices in Brazil, Mexico, Shanghai, Hong Kong.”

Anton realised early on that the company's rapid expansion would inevitably bring new technological challenges – and began looking for solutions that could help solve them.


We needed a new set of eyes to help us find ways to re-energise and grow our business. And we found it. Salesforce changed the way we work by taking our company to the next level.”

Anton Komukhin, Head of Product Management, Unlimint

The challenge: closing the gap between a thorough onboarding process and fast-paced growth

The first challenge that needed tackling was the lack of a unified customer onboarding system. The existing process to onboard merchants was spread over a range of systems, and was therefore disorganised and non-transparent. 

“There are many departments involved in the merchants onboarding process,” explains Anton. “The Sales Department, the Onboarding Department, the Risk Team, the Anti Money Laundering Team, and also our account managers.”

“All of them used their own methods to record the leads’ details and update their status: some did this via email, the Cyprus team used their own, disconnected, CRM system, and others chose to go old-school and wrote the information down on paper.”

“This resulted in a lack of transparency and fragmentation of data which meant that we couldn't effectively adjust to change.”

Unlimint’s teams also needed to improve collaboration across the organisation, and interactions with merchants. As it was, it was difficult to achieve consistency in internal communication, and the process of creating tasks was laborious and time-consuming. 

“The system did work,” says Anton, “But it worked rather poorly. Onboarding processes took longer than expected, and the management team could not piece our data together to form an integral picture.”

A scalable platform for better onboarding

As a FinTech company with a world-class product, Unlimint could handle in-house development. But when it came to CRM, the “build-it-yourself” approach came with challenges. “At some point, we realised that it wasn’t necessary to continue doing things the ‘painful’ way’” says Anton. “And so, for this project, we wanted to use a turnkey technology with as many things packed into one platform as possible.”

Unlimint soon settled on Salesforce Enterprise Edition as a perfect solution to its merchant onboarding problem. Importantly, Salesforce was scalable – which is essential for a company like Unlimint that has multiple products. “When you have one product, it is possible to manually track every interaction,” explains Anton. “But if you have to support multiple products, it takes a lot of time to piece all that data together.”

Finding a solution that was flexible enough to conform to Unlimint’s internal and external processes was a big challenge. So was identifying a vendor Unlimint could rely on for excellent support. “Salesforce was the perfect match,” says Anton. “We knew Sales Cloud could meet even the most unusual of our requirements. But we also knew that if we wanted to build something bigger in future, we could adjust and scale the solution easily and introduce new products, too.”

A collaborative partnership for easier implementation

With over 10 years’ experience in IT, Anton had a keen understanding of how to make the implementation process easier and more effective from the point of view of those implementing it — in this case, Salesforce partner iTechArt.

Anton explains: “I wrote down all our requirements and the flows we wanted to achieve, so that it would be clear how we expected the solution to work.”

This preparation paid off, as was clear from Anton’s first call with the Salesforce partner. “We quickly understood we were on the same page, and that we could achieve what we wanted easily and quickly with iTechArt.” From the implementation partner’s point of view, Anton having done his homework in terms of describing the sort of processes Unlimint wanted in Salesforce made matching business and technical requirements refreshingly easy to get right.


We will continue to adopt a brand-new way of thinking that unites technology, communication, and data management across our entire organisation to optimise our business processes. We believe the Salesforce platform will play an essential role in implementing this strategic business approach”


The solution: a scalable platform for better onboarding

With Salesforce Enterprise Edition, Unlimint has centralised and automated its merchant onboarding process, and has consolidated all related activities into a single transparent and connected system. 

Unlimint now uses Opportunity and Lead Management for the onboarding process, and Apex Triggers and Flows for process automation (e.g. sending automated reminders). Going forward, Unlimint will organise its marketing processes with Pardot.

The fintech worked with iTechArt to build customisations to make Salesforce work best for their specific use case. “Apart from the fundamental features provided by Salesforce, we needed some extra tools to add value and create more effective teams,” says Anton. “Together with iTechArt, we came up with several improvements that turned out to be vital for successful onboarding.”

One of the major customisations of the project involved using Lightning Components and Communities to expose webforms that companies would use to provide information during onboarding. This allows Unlimint to synchronise each form with Salesforce data, protecting the data from corruption.

A new way of working

“Now we possess an essential tool that can make our team more efficient and productive,” Anton says. 

“All the departments involved in the onboarding process now use a unified system,” he goes on. “Within a few clicks, they can find any information they want. Even employees who are used to old frameworks have realised that it’s not nearly as convenient as using Salesforce.”

To illustrate how easily teams can collaborate with the help of the Salesforce Platform, Anton uses the example of obtaining merchant pre-approval.

“In the past, you had to create a task in the system and send a follow-up email to the risk team. You had to make sure that your email didn't fall through the cracks and was responded to."

“But with Salesforce, everything is much easier. All you have to do is create the record, fill in the related information, and assign the task to the appropriate department. You'll be notified once the task is done.”

The transparency of the new system means managers can track performance across all departments, spot bottlenecks and identify areas for improvement. Sales leaders and the sales director now have personal dashboards where they get alerts about the status of each process.

From a unified process to a unified business

In the immediate future, Unlimint will continue to improve interactions across the organisation by educating employees on how to use Salesforce effectively. Over the longer term, its focus will shift from merchant onboarding, to the systems and processes surrounding it — and eventually to the whole business. 

But for now, Unlimint—like many businesses worldwide—has had to switch to remote working at short notice. “Getting used to working remotely was stressful,” says Anton. “We weren’t sure if we could sustain it or whether efficiency would suffer. But thanks to Salesforce, everything has worked out fine.”


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