With Salesforce, we can deliver excellent customer service in the field by increasing dispatcher agility and empowering technicians.”

Martin Lüchinger, CRM Project Manager, Zünd Systemtechnik AG
200+ employees
Salesforce Customer since 2014

Zünd Systemtechnik AG delivers joined-up customer service in the field with Salesforce


With Salesforce, we can deliver excellent customer service in the field by increasing dispatcher agility and empowering technicians.”

Martin Lüchinger, CRM Project Manager, Zünd Systemtechnik AG

The role of service in the manufacturing industry is evolving, fast. Technicians don’t just turn up at a customer’s site to install, fix, or update a piece of machinery – their role extends far beyond simply executing the job at hand. They need to act as a bridge between digital interactions and the in-person experience. They need to be an expert in the customer’s technical requirements and a steward of the brand relationship simultaneously.

That’s a lot for anyone to do. And Zünd Systemtechnik AG, a Swiss digital cutter manufacturer, knows the importance of getting it right. “In manufacturing, we’re seeing an increasing trend where service is becoming the new sales,” explained Martin Lüchinger, CRM Project Manager. “Customers expect fast responses and even faster resolutions – and Salesforce is helping us meet these new demands.”

End-to-end service processes set Zünd up for success

Zünd Systemtechnik AG is a second-generation family business with offices all over the world. It builds modular cutting systems, and from its headquarters in St.Gallen Rhine Valley, it’s an important Swiss employer. 

To help customers get the most from its machinery, Zünd offers three kinds of service: initial installation (to get a new customer up and running), periodic maintenance (which comes as part of a plan) and lastly, any repairs, adjustments or updates. Completing all these service tasks efficiently and quickly is a complex operation, requiring real-time reactions and organisation-wide agility. 

When the team started looking for a solution, Salesforce was the clear choice. “The combination of Field Service’s capabilities and the straightforward integration with our ERP made it an easy decision to go with Salesforce,” said Lüchinger. “Plus, our colleagues in the US were already having a great experience with Salesforce – so it felt like the best solution for all our branches.”

The flexibility and scalability of the platform meant Zünd could meet its current needs, while preparing for the future. Plus, its strategic partnership with implementation specialists, Persistent, meant Zünd was up and running quickly.

And since rolling Field Service out in 2018, the Swiss team has built a market-leading service operation. 

“With Salesforce, we’ve created an end-to-end service process that empowers technicians to resolve issues first time, enables dispatches to manage appointments efficiently, and gives our sales teams richer customer insights,” said Lüchinger.

Empowered technicians deliver first-time resolution

Whether Zünd’s technicians are installing a new cutter, carrying out planned maintenance, or fixing an issue, they need to do it fast and get it right first time. With Field Service, they have everything they need to complete a job, in one place. Technicians can use the app on their smartphones to see everything from an overview of their schedule, to a live inventory of the equipment in their van. 

Technicians don’t need to waste any time jumping between apps or calling for help. Field Service links to the technician’s preferred navigation system, so they simply have to click on the address and the directions begin. Likewise, the ERP integration means technicians have access to Zünd’s entire system – on their phone. They can use the app to look up data on the spot: anything from the machine’s history, to its parts, to when (and how) it was last serviced.

“Before using Field Service, technicians either had to ask the customer or call the office to get information. All this back and forth meant appointments took longer,” explained Lüchinger. “Now, Field Service gives us a huge advantage, as technicians know a customer’s history in granular detail – right down to their machine’s serial number.”

Field Service also gives the technicians as much guidance as they need to complete each job. A work order shows the steps they need to follow, and they can easily access technical documents. Plus, everything’s available offline.

“Field Service lets our technicians focus on delivering a great experience and resolving the job quickly," said Lüchinger. “With a detailed breakdown of each job – including product requirements and customer communications – they’re in the best position to solve a job first-time.”

Dispatchers with greater agility improve response times

Customers don’t just expect technicians to resolve their issues on the first visit – they want that visit to happen as soon as the issue is discovered. And that’s exactly what Zünd’s dispatch team has achieved. With a combination of Service Cloud and the Field Service Dispatcher Console, service teams have the agility to resolve customer issues quickly. They can find the right technician for the job by searching based on location, availability, equipment, and skill set. Which means when a technician turns up, they’re perfectly placed to deliver a first-time fix.

With complete visibility of technicians and appointments – plus real-time updates – dispatchers can ensure all appointments are running to plan. And if anything does go wrong in the field, map view and real-time traffic data ensures dispatchers can inform customers about any delays.

Having customer service staff, dispatchers, and service technicians connected on one platform has meant Zünd could optimise their processes across the entire service chain – helping to increase customer satisfaction.

Providing uninterrupted customer service excellence

It’s never been easier to provide excellent service out in the field. From scheduling appointments quickly to ensuring technicians are well-informed and on time, Field Service has helped Zünd deliver excellent customer experiences at every touchpoint.

“Field Service lets us give customers more control over their service appointments,” explained Lüchinger. “There’s no waiting around – they’re kept up-to-date on when their technician will arrive.”

Surfacing new opportunities for sales

Not only does excellent field service increase the likelihood that customers will stay loyal, but it can be a useful way to give sales teams greater insights into what customers need and want. While out in the field, Zünd’s technicians can create opportunities in Field Service, or send tasks to sales colleagues, based on the conversations they have with customers.

For example, if a technician sees a customer has a competitor’s machine, they can share this insight with sales. Likewise, it’s easy for technicians to upsell and influence billing. When they’re replacing parts or using products, they can use the QR Code Scanner to scan a product barcode. It’s automatically added to the work order and onto the final bill.

With Salesforce, Zünd can create a fluid transition between sales and service. “The biggest advantage of using Field Service and Sales Cloud is the visibility it gives our sales team,” explained Lüchinger. “They have a real 360-degree view of each customer, as they can see how they’re getting on post-purchase too.”

Fast responses and resolutions lead to improved customer satisfaction

Using Field Service and Sales Cloud, Zünd has built a continuous end-to-end service process that transcends silos, includes all stakeholders, and puts the customer at the centre. With granular detail available from the ERP integration and a true 360-degree view of the customer, sales, technicians and service teams have all the context they need to resolve issues efficiently and to a high standard.

"Our service team – technicians and dispatchers – are there for our customers when they need it most,” said Lüchinger. “And with Salesforce, they can serve more people, faster – and ensure our customers have an outstanding experience.”


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