"With Salesforce, nothing falls through the gap, which makes us more agile and more competitive."

-Gareth Rogan
Chief Technology Officer

Breathing new life into customer interactions with Salesforce

Lifes2good is living life in the fast lane. Sales are accelerating. Product ranges are expanding. And new markets are emerging. “In the last year we’ve seen nearly 100 percent growth,” enthuses Gareth Rogan, the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

As a global nutraceutical business and the manufacturer of the Viviscal range of hair growth products, Lifes2good needs to engage with its customers across a range of channels and geographies as its business continues to expand. “Although the majority of our sales are online, we need to be able to interact with our customers via Facebook, Twitter, the phone and third parties,” explains Rogan.

To ensure a 360-degree view of all customer interactions and information, Lifes2good has deployed Salesforce. Every order, every request and every social media comment is logged in Sales Cloud. This not only enables Lifes2good to deliver a more joined-up service to its existing customers, it helps drive new business too.

“We use the information captured in Salesforce to help us launch more targeted marketing campaigns and surveys. For example, we can look at a customer’s sales history and demographic and determine if they might be interested in a specific new product,” comments Rogan.

Chatter breaks through communication barriers

It’s not just customers who are feeling more engaged. Lifes2good has also deployed Salesforce Chatter and transformed how employees across the company collaborate. “When you communicate by email, it happens in a silo. When you communicate on Chatter, it happens as part of a community,” says Rogan.

Lifes2good has established more than 30 Chatter communities, which fuse together its geographically dispersed teams. James Murphy, Group CEO, comments: “Chatter doesn’t just simplify and assimilate service delivery across multiple geographies; it also enables every employee at Lifes2good to feel connected even if they are thousands of miles apart – I am a big fan.”

With operations in seven countries and three more due to go live in 2013, the company doesn’t just need to stay connected, it needs to stay efficient.

“Every day, Salesforce saves us time,” comments Rogan. “It used to take several weeks to generate a new report whereas now it takes a matter of hours. In the past we found it difficult to react to information as the business was moving so fast. With Salesforce, nothing falls through the gap.”

The company has also achieved greater agility by eliminating the need for painfully slow application development. With Salesforce AppExchange, Lifes2good can fast-track systems integration and the launch of new services, for example online payment processing.

“The ability to plug-in and customise existing applications is a great benefit for us,” comments Rogan. “This time last year, today’s functionality felt like an unachievable dream. But with Salesforce that dream has become a reality.”

By laying the foundations it needs to support ongoing growth, Lifes2good can focus on delivering exceptional customer service – and achieving exceptional customer satisfaction. “We don’t just want to make our customers happy; we want to make them part of an active community so we can share our news and they can share their feedback,” says Rogan.


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