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"Salesforce has made us more efficient and will help accelerate our time-to-market."

— Ami Ben Dror
IT/IS Director

Video technology pioneer steals the show with faster customer support and smarter sales processes

LiveU’s broadcasting customers don’t just want real-time footage, they also want real-time access to new products and technical support. With Salesforce, LiveU is bringing greater velocity and visibility to every area of its business. It can follow up new leads more rapidly. It can forecast manufacturing requirements more eff ectively. And it can answer customer queries more promptly.

In today’s fast-paced world, news coverage and media footage needs to be immediate no matter how remote the location. LiveU’s award-winning technology enables broadcasters to transmit footage from a backpack or a smartphone while sitting on a t rain or at the top of a mountain. Founded in 2006, the company has transformed live broadcasting; and now it’s transforming its own business too thanks to Salesforce. As Ami Ben-Dror, IT/IS Director, LiveU, confirms: “Salesforce has made us more efficient and will help accelerate our time-to-market. It provides the stability and scalability we need as our business continues to grow.”

LiveU deployed Salesforce in May 2014 to replace its existing customer relationship management platform. “We were having issues with usability and performance,” explains Ami Ben-Dror, “ We needed a solution that would benefit both our sales team and customer support operation.” Ami Ben-Dror and some of his colleagues already had experience of Salesforce and recognised it as a best-of-breed solution. LiveU also wanted a CRM solution that aligned with its ‘cloud first’ policy.

As well as simplifying core tasks, Salesforce has enabled LiveU to automate core processes. Thanks to Sales Cloud, LiveU can automatically log and assign leads based on a customer’s region. By eliminating the manual routing of leads, customers get a faster response. “As soon as someone fills in an online form to request information, a new lead is created in Sales Cloud and then tracked throughout its lifecycle,” explains Ami Ben-Dror. “Responding to leads quicker improves our competitive advantage.”

A leading role for communities

LiveU hopes the introduction of a new partner community in mid 2015, which will be based on Community Cloud, will bring even greater transparency and velocity to the sales process. LiveU sells through distributors in certain territories and needs to be able to collaborate on leads. “With Community Cloud, we will be able to progress opportunities more efficiently and ensure that everyone involved has full visibility,” comments Ami Ben-Dror. To help boost its lead pipeline, LiveU uses, which provides access to millions of company profiles and contacts. Ami Ben-Dror comments, “ fuels our leads engine and enables us to segment potential customers by industry.”

As well as driving sales with prospects, Salesforce helps LiveU establish stronger relationships with existing customers. “Our account teams have weekly targets for contacting customers to see if they have any queries or new requirements,” comments Ami Ben-Dror. “With Sales Cloud, we can generate reports to check on performance.” LiveU hopes to enhance these relationships even further by setting up a dedicated customer community, which will also be based on Community Cloud. “Customers will be able to view a history of their interactions with us, including products purchased, new orders and support queries,” comments Ami Ben-Dror. “They will have immediate access to information rather than having to send an email and wait for an answer.”

Shining the spotlight on support

Given the importance of LiveU’s products, its customers want equally immediate responses to their support queries. The majority of these queries are submitted by email, which automatically generates a case in Service Cloud. LiveU uses the solution to track individual cases through to resolution as well as evaluate support workloads and quality of service. As Ami Ben-Dror confirms: “With Service Cloud, we can monitor queues and the volume and age of gets lost.”

If several customers report similar problems with a specific product, the case details can be fed back to the development team to take action. As Ami Ben-Dror comments: “ Service Cloud makes our support operation more efficient.” He continues, “We can escalate cases internally between support teams and use the knowledge base to share advice on how to fix different problems.”

Like its customers, LiveU’s support agents are based all over the world. Using Salesforce Chatter, an enterprise social networking tool, agents can collaborate as a team even though they are hundreds of miles apart. “With Chatter, everyone can see the feed relating to a specific case,” comments Ami BenDror. “If new information is added, people are immediately notified. It eliminates the need for loads of email attachments.” Salesforce also eliminates the need for the support team to be tied to their desks when working outside of normal office hours. “Using the Salesforce1 Mobile App, agents can deliver anytime, anywhere support, which means a faster response for our customers and a better work/life balance for our staff ,” adds Ami Ben-Dror.

Fast forward to success

Speed is also of the essence when customers purchase new equipment. “Our customers don’t want to have to wait when they place an order,” explains Ami Ben-Dror. “ With Sales Cloud, we can improve the efficiency of our supply chain and shorten the delivery time for customers.” Each lead logged in Sales Cloud has a product associated with it, which enables LiveU to forecast manufacturing requirements. By integrating Salesforce with its enterprise resource planning system, account managers can also check in real time whether a customer’s order has been shipped. Once the new community goes live, this information will be shared direct with customers.

LiveU is also looking at using the community to facilitate product activations and enable new billing models in the future. “Like Salesforce, we have a great track record in innovation,” comments Ami Ben-Dror. “We will keep evolving how we use the solution to drive greater business growth and deliver a better customer experience.”

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