Service Partner ONE

"It doesn't matter whether we have 10, 50 or 500 locations, staff or customers, the Salesforce platform grows with us."

– Sebastian Ohrmann
Head of Product

Service Partner ONE – Salesforce as the sole back-end system

"We do not have another back-end system or another server containing data. Salesforce already covers a large part of our requirements, straight out of the box. Thanks to the platform's ability to expand and scale, we have been able to easily model and integrate our own processes on, "says Sebastian Ohrmann, Head of Product at Service Partner ONE. He is a member of the team that founded the Berlin start-up, Service Partner ONE. The team, comprised of former Lieferando founders and staff, had a lightning start with an innovative business idea. The waiting list for new customers has grown considerably in the space of a few weeks, and within less than a year, the company is already active in six locations in two countries.

The idea is as obvious as it is original: Bread-and-butter tasks in offices with 10 to 500 employees including cleaning, small repairs and installation work as well as the ordering of office materials and food are handled by the office manager through Service Partner ONE as a single point of contact. Coordinating different service providers no longer applies as everything appears clearly on a single monthly invoice. Orders and changes can be handled through a single web interface via iPad or web interface.

A single, designated contact person within the Service Partner ONE customer care team will provide remedial actions in case of complaints. At the same time, the highest quality is guaranteed in all areas – as this is what Service Partner ONE stands for. "We turn our office managers into stars", says Sven Hock. "Because we bring hospitality to the office with our service. Many of our customers attest to this and also say that this contributes to the overall brand perception of a feel-good workplace."

"From my experience with the Lieferando platform, it was clear that Salesforce was precisely the tool that we needed," explains Sebastian Ohrmann. The entire business logic and all processes are reproduced exclusively within Salesforce at Service Partner ONE. This ranges from the customer's interface to the service processes used by the service teams and even reaches into the accounting department: "You don't need to reinvent the wheel and build your own invoicing system," says Ohrmann. "We have simply been using the expertise of Salesforce's ecosystem. This has also helped us to become faster."

All signs point towards growth for Service Partner ONE. "And that is good, regardless of whether we have 10, 50 or 500 locations, employees or customers, the Salesforce Platform grows with us." says Ohrmann. "We don't need to worry about server scaling or data back-up, which means that we can concentrate exclusively on our product and our core tasks."

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