Get a year’s worth of learning in a single day. Join us in Warsaw on May 29 for an action-packed day of power sessions for every role.

Keynote Room

Join some of our Polish Partners on a panel conversation, as they discuss their journey of Salesforce and how the ecosystem has evolved over the years.
Please join Robin Fisher, Area Vice President at Salesforce, and special guests speakers who are transforming themselves, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and making the world a better place in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Salesforce will showcase how the world’s leading companies are taking advantage of new products and technologies like Salesforce Customer 360, Einstein Voice, Trailhead, and Lightning to dramatically change the way their employees across sales, service, marketing, and IT innovate, skill up, and deliver integrated customer experiences.
Philip Morris International (PMI) is going through an industry-defining transformation towards its vision of a smoke-free future. To support its vision, PMI has selected Salesforce as global digital platform and Accenture as business and technology partner. Come and explore how the Salesforce platform is being leveraged to its full potential to provide consumers with a seamless omni-channel experience, transforming Sales, Marketing, Commerce, Service and much more. You will also learn how Poland played a pivotal role in such global digital transformation.

Join product leaders to see how the #1 marketing platform is enabling intelligent marketing and driving growth for one of the world's leading car leasing companies.

Learn how Salesforce helps companies to know, personalize, and engage for every consumer, orchestrating the journey across marketing, commerce, sales, and service.

Connect with your fellow trailblazers and gain new insights, build your brands, and win the hearts, minds, and loyalty of your consumers.

The buzz around AI for sales is growing, and everyone wants to know what it means and how it can drive change. But as a sales leader you have to deliver results—you don’t have time for buzzwords.

Join the Salesforce Einstein team to hear how you can go beyond the hype and create an intelligent sales strategy that will focus on the right leads, deliver tailored customer experiences, and increase the ROI on strategic accounts in your business - all on the Intelligent Salesforce Customer Success Platform.

You will walk away with an understanding of: * The top AI use cases within the Sales Cloud customer base * How other organisations are calculating the value of AI for their sales teams * Tips and tricks to help your sales team embrace AI and drive CRM adoption.

Trends like automation, integration, digital channels, and mobile workforces have caused a profound shift in the way customers interact with companies. Nowhere is this more apparent than in customer service, which impacts every moment of the customer experience.

To thrive and compete in the new age of service, every organisation must reimagine their service approach and create transformational service experiences.

Join us to see how trailblazers are using the World's #1 B2C and B2B Service Platform to capitalise on these trends to transform service and deliver customer success.

People expect more from technology. They want seamless, personalised experiences from companies whether they work for them or not. Meeting these expectations can often fracture a company, resulting in siloed data, shadow IT, technical debt, and a disconnected experience.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the world’s #1 digital commerce platform reaches more than a BILLION consumers every year!

Learn how B2C Commerce can create faster, smarter and more flexible paths to purchase and how you can use the power of B2B Commerce to deliver more personalised and intelligent experiences for the business buyer.

We invite commerce executives, developers, marketers and merchandisers to learn how to take advantage of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform - and become a Trailblazer for commerce.

- DocuSign Agreement Cloud – Last mile in the sales process.

During the presentation you will see how DocuSign improves and speeds up the last mile in the sales process and how DocuSign will simplify the way you prepare, sign, act and manage all your agreements moving forward.


- Skilo – Cloud solution and employee experience: How technology redefines HR? 

The fourth industrial revolution is no longer a prediction. It’s a fact. Technology has literally spread to every area of the company's life including its clients and employees. How does the last group cope with the new realities? And how can an employer use this opportunity to provide better employee experience in the organization?

On a real (and really exceptional) organism - a bank that is a public institution, we’ll show you what  can be achieved by implementing modern solutions. Of course, those in the cloud!

Success Cloud Theatre

Are you new to Salesforce and want to get started on the right foot? Do you want to learn how to get the most out of your Salesforce investment and how to get setup properly?

Then this session is for you! Join the Customer Success team as they take you through best practice advice on how to get up and running quickly and how to avoid the common pitfalls of new customers.

Join us for a practical overview of the theory and practice of Design Thinking and how it can be used as a framework for teams to design high-adoption applications that are not only powerful, but useful, usable, and desirable.
Learn how customer trailblazers transformed their business with Success Cloud. You'll hear directly from customers as they share their journey to success with Salesforce.
For many, the implementation of a CRM system may be associated with a wrenching ordeal that can least for years. It does not have to be this way. Craftware will show you key areas that should be remembered so that tool implementation will be trouble-free and will bring the expected results after only a few months.

Do you want to get more from Salesforce or are you looking to gain more knowledge about the platform?

Join the Customer Success team as they explore the many different resources available to you, what their value is and how you can access them. And the great news - most of these resources are FREE as part of your subscription. DONT MISS THIS ONE.

What can you do to get your team on board?

Join us to learn the Guiding Principles to Maximize CRM Adoption & very specific examples of how to put these principles into action.

Is your Org ready for Lightning? This session will cover the essential things you need to know before migrating to Lightning, including Lightning Readiness Report, identifying quick wins, and a live demo of key features and resources.

Tech Theatre

Join us to listen to our customer's stories about how they are using Pardot to grow their business.

Learn how to get data-driven insights and take action with analytics solutions for every line of business.

Additionally - join our discussion panel with Mariusz Juszczyk, Head of Technology at Extradom and Einstein Analytics Trailblazer.

Industry Theatre

Come hear from our customer Trailblazer, Doncasters Group, how they are transforming their business model in innovative ways, leveraging the power of the Salesforce platform.
On May 15, 2019, Nexera has been named a Winner of the “Best in Cloud 2019” award by Computerworld/IDG in the main category “Best Cloud Implementation”. The recognition was granted for the fully integrated BSS system delivered by Enxoo on Salesforce platform extended with Enxoo for Communications dedicated telco solution.
Join us to hear what persuaded judges to name this implementation the best cloud project in Poland run in 2018!
How can we sense and act upon a future that remains unclear? The good news is that much of the technology-driven disruption that each of us experiences today—and will likely experience going forward—is understandable and knowable. It’s an exciting time to venture beyond the digital frontier!

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