Salesforce Live: Switzerland

Salesforce Live: Switzerland is where we bring together remarkable stories of change and resilience. So we can all learn how to turn the change that’s been forced on us into a force for good.


Salesforce Live: Switzerland brings it all together.

2020 has been a strange year for many of us, businesses and Trailblazers alike. We’re all dealing with radical change. But some businesses are actually coming out of all this change stronger

Join us for an online Salesforce event like no Salesforce event you’ve ever seen before. We’ll be bringing you formats, content and conversations you won’t see anywhere else.

Take a front-row seat in discussions about the future of your industry. See business leaders from some of Switzerland’s most innovative companies share how they navigate through these different moments of change. And get insights from industry experts on:

  • Getting great at agility
  • Accelerating customer centric strategies
  • Today’s customer expectations and how to meet them
  • Monitoring and measuring change initiatives


Mike Fuhrmann
CMO, Generali
Andreas Mueller
Head of Commercial, Pharma, and Oncology IT, Novartis
Antonio Carriero
Chief Digital & Technical Officer, Breitling
Pamela Wolf
EMEA Consumer Goods Industry Leader, Salesforce
Matt McLarty
Global Leader API Strategy, Mulesoft
Eugenie Weissheim
Senior Solution Engineer, Salesforce

6 Industries, Many Moments of Change

We’re dealing with radical moments of change. Constant change has been a reality in every industry long before this pandemic. Our shows are split into different engaging segments featuring innovative customers, and our various industry experts to analyse such moments of change. Past, Present and Future. Customers and speakers alike take a look at The Change Timeline to extract key changes from the past that shape the industry today. The SEOdown segment is a rough temperature check of which keywords resonate with the audiences in a given industry. Equipped with learning from the past and present, we jump into the Industry Forecast.

Industry Shows

We’re thrilled to bring you studio interviews with some of the leading Swiss companies. How are they riding this storm? What are they doing differently? What have they learnt? There’s something here for you – whatever your industry is:











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