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Become an AI Enterprise with Einstein 1

Unlock your AI future with Einstein 1, the #1 AI CRM and trusted platform built for the AI Enterprise. Einstein 1 brings together CRM apps for sales, service, marketing, commerce, and more with trusted AI, data, analytics, and collaboration in one integrated solution. Discover how Einstein 1 helps you become an AI Enterprise by growing relationships, productivity, and your bottom line – all at the same time.

Connect in a whole new way with one trusted platform for the AI Enterprise.

Collaborate with AI and talk to your CRM

With Einstein Copilot, you can talk to your CRM using natural language to take action for you across every Salesforce app and directly within Slack. Plus, new AI-forward Slack capabilities like Sales Elevate and Record Channels let employees update and collaborate on their CRM deals and records right within Slack to be more productive.

Deliver AI analytics everywhere you work

Harness the power of all your customer data with an AI-powered data experience across the full Einstein 1 portfolio. Tableau Pulse surfaces personalised insights with contextual data wherever you work – CRM apps, Slack, and on the go in mobile, and Einstein Copilot for Tableau creates calculations and visualisations using natural language.

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Einstein 1 helps every business get to AI.

Now every business can be an AI Enterprise with Einstein 1, unlocking AI-powered productivity to companies of every size, stage, and industry with scalable CRM, AI, and data capabilities.

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* IDC, Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker, November 2023. CRM market includes the following IDC-defined functional markets: Sales Force Productivity and Management, Marketing Campaign Management, Customer Service, Contact Centre, Advertising, and Digital Commerce Applications.

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Frequently asked questions

Einstein 1 is Salesforce’s entire product portfolio, bringing together CRM + AI + Data + Trust on one integrated platform. Our best-in-class apps help you create a 360-degree view of your customer across sales, service, marketing, commerce, IT, and data departments with shared, easy-to-understand data. With a single view of your customer, your teams can create connected, personalised customer experiences that build stronger relationships. Our artificial intelligence (AI) solutions help every employee be more productive with generative and predictive AI you can safely use with sensitive customer data, thanks to our Einstein Trust Layer. Our data solutions like Data Cloud and MuleSoft help you unlock trapped data so you can activate real-time customer data from multiple sources — whether that be CRM, legacy, or third-party data — across Salesforce CRM apps.

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Einstein 1 is not one specific product. It represents our entire technology portfolio where we bring together CRM + AI + Data + Trust in one integrated platform. This means your CRM, AI, and data can work together to do things they can’t do separately — things like AI helping you close deals because it understands your leads and opportunities, or the ability to automate any data, from any source, within your CRM, or use any external AI model, including public models, safely with your sensitive data because of enterprise-level security across the platform.

Customer 360 is not one specific product; it’s an end state we help our customers achieve by using the breadth of our portfolio. We offer apps for virtually every team within your organisation, which means everyone has a 360-degree view and is united around the customer to manage and grow customer relationships.

Yes. Einstein 1 is designed to meet you exactly where you are today and help you embrace the latest technologies. Some organisations may just need one of our market-leading CRM solutions to support a single department or business goal, while others may benefit from connecting more of their teams and data on an AI-powered CRM platform to manage customer relationships more holistically. Find a solution tailored to fit the needs of your business and context by answering four quick questions.

We’re proud of the results our customers see with Salesforce. But you don’t have to take our word for it. A customer survey completed in August 2023 revealed 92% of our customers achieved positive ROI with Salesforce and 99% were satisfied with Salesforce. On average, customers report a 31% faster response to customers, 32% faster decision-making, 31% more employee productivity, and 31% more teamwork, among other metrics, across their entire Salesforce implementation. Read our customer success stories to learn more about the value Salesforce provides.

We offer a variety of pricing options for our customers, including:

Editions: When you select an edition, you get a bundle of some of our most popular features in one package.

Add-ons: Each add-on you select helps you customise your CRM solution to get exactly what your organisation needs. We offer add-ons with different tiers of functionality, which is similar to how our editions have varying levels of functionality for most products.

Einstein 1 Edition: We offer a comprehensive suite for CRM, AI, and data with streamlined pricing and packaging. In 2023, the rapid rise of generative AI showed us that more and more customers wanted to embrace AI but also needed to get their data in order. Our Einstein 1 Edition is an integrated offering that helps you ramp up quickly on CRM, AI, and data by including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Einstein AI, Data Cloud, Slack, Tableau, and industries in a single offering. If you are interested in Einstein 1 Edition, please contact your Salesforce representative or start a chat with us below.

To learn more, please visit the Salesforce Product Pricing page.

Customers must use Einstein 1 Editions or enable product-specific add-ons to take advantage of Einstein Copilot and other generative AI capabilities embedded within Salesforce clouds. However, many predictive AI features are offered as add-ons to our standard cloud editions. Get in touch with our sales team to learn more.

For organisations in the nonprofit, education, or philanthropy sectors, Salesforce offers a special version of our CRM platform and other solutions. The salesforce.org website gives more insight into how CRM solutions can power your organisation’s purpose. Reach out to our team of experts to unlock the best solutions for your organisation.

As always, our representatives are available for a no-pressure consultation to help you figure out the best solution for your budget and business needs. We can find the services and packages that will serve your current needs, with plenty of options for growth in the future.

Every app within Einstein 1 is deeply integrated, as they operate from the same metadata framework that creates a common language across apps. This means you can customise something in one app — for example, a custom object specific to your business like a “pet name” for an animal hospital or a “vehicle” for a car dealership — and that same customisation can appear across every other app, automatically. In addition, Einstein 1 is open to external apps and technologies by design, because we never want to box our customers into solutions. Our platform is built to provide a seamless back-end experience with any external partner, model, data store, or productivity suite you currently use. We also operate a robust SaaS marketplace, AppExchange, where partners build custom apps to extend your use of Salesforce. Each app can be installed quickly so you and your team can start using it with Einstein 1 today.

You can also integrate any system with Salesforce thanks to MuleSoft, the world’s #1 integration and API platform owned and operated by Salesforce. With the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform™, you can connect any system, application, data, and device to unleash the full power of Einstein 1.

It’s entirely too common for data to be sitting in silos and disconnected from the customer experience. That's why we created Data Cloud, which brings all of your disconnected, enterprise data into Salesforce to deliver a comprehensive, 360-degree view of your customer. When we say all your data, we mean it: MuleSoft, the world’s #1 integration and API platform, connects data from anywhere (yes, even mainframes) so you can unite all your islands of data to get a complete view of your customers and business. When you get all your data together in one place, you can do amazing things with Tableau to explore data, uncover insights, and take action across your CRM to better serve your customers. Together, our data solutions empower your people with access to real-time data and insights about your customers and their interactions with your products and services, enabling them to deliver personalised customer experiences at every touchpoint.

Public generative AI models can do amazing things, but the model learns from everything you enter into your prompts. That’s why enterprise AI is different — you certainly can’t have public models learning from your sensitive customer data.

Salesforce helps you harness AI to deliver impactful customer experiences across your business with data privacy and security built in. Our Einstein Trust Layer prevents sensitive data from leaving the Salesforce trust boundary, so you can use AI in every app, across every user, and in every workflow across your CRM with confidence. Learn more about how we build AI for business here, and learn more about Einstein, our native AI, here.

We incorporate the latest innovations into our products three times a year. But we can’t do it alone. Our customers’ input helps us develop products that best serve their business needs. Providing continual technology releases gives our customers a competitive advantage.

Learn how each Salesforce Release brings hundreds of new products and features across Einstein 1 — that’s a lot of fresh ideas to keep you ahead of the game and maximise ROI.

If you haven’t already, be sure to watch our latest demos of Einstein 1 in action. Continue learning about all the incredible solutions that help companies create their own Customer 360 by exploring the product pages of our website.

Then, be sure to head over to the Salesforce Resource Centre for thought leadership, research, and how-to content on the latest topics, and resources tailored to your role and industry.