Get complete quote to cash solutions for any industry.


High Tech

Adapt and scale quickly with cutting-edge customer solutions.

Helping tech companies move from one-time product sales to solution selling, subscriptions, and usage-based pricing.

  • Empower sales reps to close complex deals with bundled solutions, ramp deals, contract amendments, usage pricing, and renewals
  • Manage recurring revenue by automating the quote-to-cash lifecycle for services, subscriptions, and usage billing
  • Unify sales and finance by monitoring customer metrics in real time — including MRR, churn, and retention

The pace of commoditisation was ramping up, and we had to change fast.”



Build a better commercial experience for customers.

Enabling manufacturing companies to transform digitally, fulfill faster, add value, and customise products to customer needs.

  • Manage complex product configurations with click-to-customise functionality and quick and accurate quotes
  • Elevate sales and partner productivity with on-the-go guided selling, automated quote generation, and seamless integration with partner communities
  • Increase profitability and revenue by enforcing pricing guardrails, automating approvals, and uncovering upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Our CPQ initiative led us to a complete digital transformation that changed our 38-year-old company forever.”

Stephen Stessman, Vice President of National Retail Sales


Help your customers tackle media disruption.

Support for media companies handling new product launches and complex deals.

  • Manage complex deals with transaction, subscription, and usage fee models
  • Manage live contracts with easy add-ons and change orders and automated cotermination
  • Automate price and discount rules to support any deal or budget

Salesforce CPQ helped us reduce time to process a change order from four hours to 15-to-20 minutes.”

Hindu Somashekar, Director of Enterprise Applications

Health & Life Sciences

Provide aid for med device and pharma sales reps.

Aiding health and life sciences companies as they provide better customer experiences and open new revenue streams.

  • Simplify large product catalogs and complex pricing models
  • Use automation to seamlessly manage multiple revenue streams
  • Encourage broker-sales collaboration with simplified renewals and amendments

CPQ helps us serve our customers better while improving the way we work as a team.”

uli Zoota, Global Head of Strategic Pricing

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