If your business is in Switzerland, shouldn’t your data be too?

Hyperforce in Switzerland gives you the power of Customer 360. The agility of the public cloud. And the security of local data storage. So you can connect with your customers in a whole new way.

Unlock the potential of the #1 AI CRM. Now with cloud storage in Switzerland.

Hyperforce unlocks Salesforce Customer 360 on the public cloud. And it supports Switzerland's data residency requirements. So you can create the experiences your customers expect – with the security and compliance you need.

Dashboards show a lead’s info, a rep’s open deals, as well the lead’s Einstein “Likelihood to close” score.

Make selling in Switzerland smarter and more secure.

If you sell to consumers and businesses in Switzerland, your sales data should be in Switzerland too. Raise efficiency, lower costs, and streamline processes with Sales Cloud. And see how you can scale and grow your revenue.

Screenshots show a customer's service issue, an agent's reply on Slack, and the Service Cloud console.

Add more value to every customer service interaction.

If you support customers in Switzerland, your customer data should be in Switzerland, too. Grow customer lifetime value, reduce costs, and maximise efficiency with Service Cloud. And deliver personalised support at scale, from the contact centre to the field.

Astro is holding the Einstein logo, standing in front of windows displaying Einstein AI's capabilities.

Accelerate your AI journey with trusted data at its core.

If you want to step into the AI era with confidence and trust, you need data stored in Switzerland. Combine CRM data with privacy-first architecture for trusted AI. And deliver business outcomes with Einstein, purpose-built for Customer 360.

Key Data Cloud features like a customer profile, her lifetime value and propensity to buy, and number of unified profiles. Plus the interactions this customer has had with the company.

Turn the flood of data into real-time action.

If your customers are in Switzerland, their data should be, too. Connect customer data at scale, from any source with Data Cloud**. Empower teams with real-time insights they can act on. And deliver better experiences when it matters most.

Customer 360 apps sat on top of Hyperforce, in the Customer 360 apps sat on top of Hyperforce, in Switzerland

The cloud platform developers love and CIOs trust – tailored for Switzerland.

Hyperforce is our cloud-native architecture that stores and protects your data locally, while giving you access to the latest Salesforce innovations. Manage data residency and compliance with secure data storage in Switzerland.

*Not all services are available in all locations.
Please see our Trust & Compliance Documentation for more information on available locations and compliance certifications.
**Data Cloud on Hyperforce is coming to Switzerland soon.