Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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When Salesforce launched Trailhead in 2014, our goal was to create a free online learning platform that gave anyone the tools needed to join the thriving Salesforce economy. With myTrailhead, companies can now create their own interactive learning platform for employees with their own content and branding, on any device.
General availability for myTrailhead is targeted for early 2019.
The product will be an add-on license to existing standard Salesforce licenses (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or Platform) on Enterprise Edition or above. There will be one license type for all employee types, including learners and publishers. More details on licensing and pricing will be communicated once the product is generally available.
myTrailhead is a learning experience platform. While LMSs are focused on managing corporate learning, myTrailhead is focused on the learning experience throughout an employee’s career.
At the time of launch, access will be limited to your employees with standard Salesforce user licenses. Standard license types include Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Platform. We plan to support additional license types and use cases later in our roadmap.
English, French, German, Japanese, Mexican Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese will be supported at time of launch.
You can take advantage of optional services from Team Trailhead to help with creating engaging content. Content advisory services will help with content strategy, writing guidance, and change management. Content full-service enables you to fully outsource content creation from start to finish. Contact us here to learn more about myTrailhead Content Services.
Take advantage of Trailhead today to start skilling up your employees and experience much of the same features and functionality that will come with myTrailhead. You can create tailored learning paths for your team with any of the 500+ badges and track learning progress by downloading Trail Tracker, a free app on AppExchange, into your Salesforce org.
Once you’re ready to start thinking about getting your custom-branded content ready for myTrailhead, you can take this trailmix to learn about how myTrailhead works and how to prepare your content.
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