Collaborate faster with live data, workflows, and more — all directly in your slides, sheets, and docs.

Spend less time in meetings and email, and more time getting things done. Combine your team’s work and communication in one central hub that’s accessible from every device.


Write, discuss, and act, all in one doc.

Make it easy to stay organized, and keep work moving with all your critical data at your fingertips, right where you work.

Fuel a culture of action with collaborative docs.

Tell the whole story in one living document by adding spreadsheets, tasks, live apps, and more.

Keep conversations and feedback in context.

Stop losing discussions in email or chat threads; see them where they belong, linked right to the project. Use Quip's @mentions, inline comments, and push notifications on your phone and desktop.  

Manage your projects where you work.

Drive your whole project forward within your working doc. Assign tasks with due dates, share with external partners, and watch as your teammates make live edits to documents.

Improve visibility without compromising security.

Create dedicated folders for teams or projects, and control who can access the project at the group, folder, and document level.


Build collaborative presentations that save time lost in meetings.

Make informed decisions faster — with fewer meetings, better meetings, and no messy file versions that slow down progress.

Keep every team member involved, informed, and updated.

Build slides collaboratively with built-in chat, real-time co-editing, and pinnable comments. Keep feedback loops visible in Quip, not buried in email.

Present data that’s always up-to-date.

Skip constant updating or copy-and-pasting data — showcase live, always updated data from Salesforce, spreadsheets, and other systems right in your Quip slides.

Reach consensus even before the meeting.

Use interactive prompts throughout your slides to gather feedback, approvals, and direction from your audience. Send the deck to your team in advance, and you might not need your next meeting.

Measure team impact with Einstein Analytics.

Use read receipts and analytics powered by Salesforce Einstein to gauge your presentation's traction across teammates, execs, and customers.


Bridge the gap between raw data and big decisions.

Create spreadsheets that drive faster decisions with live Salesforce data, real-time chat, and more embedded in your slides.

Work on online documents, even when you're not.

Access, create, edit, or discuss your spreadsheets from your phone or tablet. Dive into your spreadsheets offline and merge any updates when you’re back online.

Discuss team content in context.

Edit, review, and stay updated about your documents in real-time. @mention your teammates to bring them directly into a cell in your spreadsheet.

Connect spreadsheets and documents to tell the whole story.

Sometimes, nothing tells a story better than a bunch of rows and cells. Add spreadsheets to your documents to give the full context and increase visibility.

Open live Salesforce reports in Quip spreadsheets — with one click.

Never worry whether the data you're looking at is out of date. When something is updated in Salesforce, it's instantly updated in Quip, too.

live apps

Easily find, build, and embed interactive tools and apps.

Turn every workspace into a connected dashboard with Live Apps — embedded tools, apps, and up-to-date data that keep everyone moving forward together.

Extend the power of Salesforce into Quip.

Give your team visibility into every part of your business. Add live Salesforce records directly to any Quip doc so you can view, update, and discuss any field.

Build the apps for the way your team works.

Use Quip's extensible API to build your own Live Apps and create a solution that fits your team perfectly. Build your own Live Apps, and deploy them to your Quip docs, sheets, and slides.

Connect Quip with the tools you use every day.

Bring your critical apps — like Box, Lucidchart, JIRA, Dropbox, and more— directly into your docs and slides. Show your team the latest data, update it right from Quip, and discuss with context to make decisions faster.

Transform the way your team collaborates with Quip.

Escape endless emails and meetings. Use the Quip Collaboration Platform to become a happier, faster team today.