Guided Selling

Help your sales reps (even new reps) select the right products and services for each customer every time. 


Simplify the selling process for new reps.

Guided selling helps new reps get up to speed quickly. You can create a set of questions that prompt your sales reps to enter simple customer data, like company size or industry. Based on their responses, Salesforce CPQ guides them to the most appropriate product and package selections

Streamline the sales process.

With guided selling, reps don't have to dig through complex pricing and product scenarios. Instead, you can simplify the product selection process and minimize the time it takes to create a quote. Guided selling options are based on your business rules and logic, so you can guide sales rep to be meet the needs of your customers and your business.

Delight your customers.

Simplify the selling process for your sales reps and make sure they’re connecting the right products to the right customers. 

Speed from opportunity to revenue with the power of CPQ software.

Now there’s a fast, easy way to streamline configuration, pricing, and quote generation. View a demo and see for yourself.