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Meet the company that’s up-skilling people and placing them in reliable Salesforce ecosystem jobs in Lebanon.

Economic crisis? Major power cuts? Limited career opportunities? Meet the company that isn’t letting anything get in the way when it comes to up-skilling unemployed people and placing them in reliable, Salesforce ecosystem jobs.

Three years into a financial and economic crisis, stable employment is rare in Lebanon. Every day people face power, food, and medicine shortages. Covid has exacerbated the situation, while disruptions in education and training have further increased the skills gap needed to create a sustainable and resilient economy.

In these circumstances, it’s remarkable that companies such as, the parent company of EI-Technologies Lebanon and EI-Technologies MENA, is finding ways to drive progress and opportunity via talent development programmes. And it’s more remarkable still that every participant in the Lebanon programme at the Salesforce CRM focused consultancy is guaranteed 18 months paid employment.

‘We’ve brought the best of Salesforce solutions to our customers across Europe, Africa and the Middle East since 2011, no matter what’s been happening in the world,’ says Bechara Raad, CEO, ‘We’re all about improving the customer experience, with a focus on using innovation and best practices to help our customers achieve efficiencies and measurable business value. We can’t do that if we don’t have the right talent development, so we decided to put a comprehensive programme in place in Lebanon.’

"We’ve brought the best of Salesforce solutions to customers across Europe, Africa and the Middle East since 2011, no matter what’s been happening in the world."
Bechara Raad

1. Expanding prospects

With a view to improving people’s career prospects as well as providing businesses with the digital support they need, EI-Technologies Lebanon began its new Salesforce training programme in January 2022. ‘35 unemployed Lebanese people were given the chance to start this innovative programme, encompassing certifications and professional project experience.'

‘Our main objective is to close the digital skills gap, launch fresh graduates into a promising career, and offer employees a career shift,’ explains Jamil Nakhle, Regional General Manager, ‘We advertised the opportunity via social media and partnerships with universities, then selected people based on their eagerness to learn, their need for an opportunity and their ownership of our values.

‘In just three months, all candidates earn their Salesforce Admin certification by following a Trailhead Academy course. This is delivered by our certified instructors. It teaches participants about the most important tasks and features that Salesforce Admins encounter daily, as well as ensures they benefit from both the technical and moral support of our expert instructors.

‘We believe certifications make a strong statement about your level of knowledge and expertise to prospective employers, so they’re an important part of this programme. We’ve delivered more than 400 certifications since we started working with Salesforce, and have devised a training schedule that results in three Salesforce certifications for each participating employee.’

"We believe that the world nowadays needs more Trailblazers!"
Jamil Nakhle
Regional General Manager,

2. Hands-on experience

A conundrum that often surfaces in the world of work is how young people can gain access to the experience they need to secure jobs , if they can’t secure jobs that give them this experience. ‘As a multi-cloud specialist consultancy, we know that real-world, hands-on experience is vital,’ Jamil continues. ‘We work on more than 100 projects a year so we give all our participants technical, functional, and professional work experience. Within three months, they start to work on projects such as sales, service, marketing, quality assurance, consumer goods, and even third-party maintenance.’

Every participant is guaranteed an 18 month paid employment totally financed by EI-Technologies Lebanon so, at the end of the year, will employ at least 20 people, with the others set to go into the Salesforce ecosystem.

‘This project has been such a great success that we’re already planning further cohorts. It’s of paramount importance that we up-skill our Lebanese workforce so that we create career opportunities, nurture talent and potential, and ensure companies are equipped to thrive in an increasingly digital economy.

‘We believe that the world nowadays needs more Trailblazers! Across the Middle East, there are many demands for Salesforce talent but not enough supply. To address this, we’ve recently launched the NEO-PATH Academy MENA in Dubai, with the objective to exponentially grow the Salesforce ecosystem in the region. We’re very excited - the academy is the only Authorised Training Provider for Salesforce in the Middle East, and we’re also able to provide trilingual certified instructors who speak French, Arabic and English. It’s incredible to see the impact of how these important investments are increasing accessibility and growing skills in the Middle East.’

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