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Sales force automation (SFA) is the most widely-used of sales tools as it speeds and streamlines all phases of sales, from lead management to analytics and forecasting.

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SFA from currently allows more than 77,300 customers and 2 million subscribers worldwide to be able to pursue more business in less time and close more deals by managing people and processes more effectively via the web-based sales tool sales force automation.'s sales force automation is much more straightforward to use than conventional sales software as it is more comprehensive and much easier to customise. It lets reps, managers and executives focus on customer relationships instead of having to manage sales software and IT infrastructure.

With sales force automation, reps can save time on administration and spend more time selling. In contrast with conventional sales force automation tools, the Salesforce CRM sales force automation suite is therefore quickly adopted throughout the organisation and becomes the sales tool of choice for reps both in the office and the field. Recent customer success figures show that the results in productivity and revenue growth are unparalleled, for companies both large and small across all industries:

  • 52% increase in lead volume
  • 27% boost in win rate
  • Sales revenues up by 34%

It's no surprise, then, that's sales force automation far surpasses that of conventional sales software, or for that matter, of any other sales tool, and has a customer satisfaction rate of 95%.

Sales Software Benefits without Software Headaches

Cloud computing-driven sales force automation led by Salesforce CRM SFA has recently pulled way ahead of traditional on-premise sales tools. The reason is simple.'s sales force automation is easier to learn and use, more affordable and globally accessible on demand. On top of that, it frees companies from the huge upfront investment and complexity of server-based sales software that takes a long time to deploy.

The Most Comprehensive of Sales Tools

To optimise the full spectrum of sales activities, sales force automation from is the ideal sales tool – in particular for lead management and distribution, deal progress, territory alignment and channel management. It is renowned for being an easy to use SFA tool and allows reps to become productive much more quickly than traditional sales software does. It leads to rapid, universal adoption, torrid sales productivity, and skyrocketing revenue growth.

  • Sales Lead Management. To ensure that leads and opportunities are pursued quickly and never fall through the cracks, you can manage, monitor, and distribute prospects to the right reps with sales force automation.
  • Opportunity Management. Higher productivity is achieved through faster and smarter collaboration, which in turn means greater pipeline visibility, and the ability to close more deals faster than with other sales tools. This is all made possible by's sales force automation as it provides a single place to update prospect data, track milestones, and record every deal-related interaction. Your entire team can instantly communicate and collaborate in real time from any continent and time zone using Salesforce CRM SFA. And being web-based, sales force automation is always securely accessible to everyone who needs it. All of these are things you just can't achieve with outmoded on-premise sales software.
  • Account and Contact Management. With's sales force automation, everyone gains a deep knowledge of every prospect and account, enabling better collaboration and fostering strong, long-lasting customer relationships.'s sales force automation also provides a 360-degree view of each customer and contact.
  • Activity Management. Reps can speed the closing of sales by being organised and by coordinating their activities to provide customers with prompt attention. Keeping your teams on track and on schedule is made possible with Salesforce CRM sales force automation sales tools such as activity tracking and collaboration, team management, activity scheduling, and real-time alerts. To tailor and fit the criteria that interest you most, activity reports can be generated for up-to-date snapshots of the proceedings in your organisation.
  • Analytics and Forecasting. A more complete and comprehensive up-to-the-minute perspective than any conventional sales software can supply is provided in the sales force automation from SFA also gives you an easy-to-customise dashboard that provides consolidated views of real-time data on sales. Assess win-loss metrics; take the pulse of market demand, and much more, with the sophisticated analytics tools that allow managers and executives to evaluate pipelines.
  • Customisable Sales Forecasts. Real-time forecasting capabilities far beyond those of traditional sales software are gained with Salesforce CRM sales force automation. You can create the timely, precise forecasts critical to expanding the business, aligning expenses, growing revenue, and predicting future demand. Sales force automation from leapfrogs outdated sales software and alternative sales tools, thus enabling you to set pipeline targets and quotas by rep and territory. To create your own data views you can use the methodology and matrices you prefer, role up sales data across regions and levels and analyse deviations between forecast and actual.
  • Data Quality Management. Errors such as duplicate contacts, duplicate accounts and duplicate leads that can mar analyses, impair forecasts, and delay sales, are eliminated by sales force automation. For quickly cleaning and clearing your CRM database, including account merge, contact merge, lead search and merge and data validation, you can use the tools and utilities that are provided inside sales force automation.
  • Point-and-Click Customisation. Every company is unique, as are their sales organisations and processes. Unlike legacy sales software, Salesforce CRM sales force automation has been designed for easy tailoring to your specific business model, your products and your services, and the methods and channels you use to sell them. The sales force automation experience can be customised by business experts with point-and-click ease, while developers and IT professionals have a full palette of coding-level tools for deeper customisation, extension, and development.
  • Integration to Anything and Everything. Conventional sales software is known to be difficult to tie together with other systems. That's why SFA from turns sales software headaches and limitations into things of the past. Integrate your sales force automation seamlessly with any enterprise application or system using Connect-our family of integration technologies which gives you simplicity and breadth of integration other sales tools just can't match. These include SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and other third-party solutions and sales software.
  • Approvals and Workflow. Contact and lead management processes can be manual, haphazard, and unenforced which are major bottlenecks that hold up sales. Sales force automation has tools to create custom workflow management rules and triggers based on any business event or elapsed time period. As your needs evolve, they can be quickly and easily modified. In the same way, SFA from lets you set up multi-step approvals for any of your sales or business processes, such as discount requests or opportunity-close approvals. Streamlining of routine activities, eliminating redundant tasks, quickening approvals, and enforcing your best practices becomes quick and easy with these sales force automation capabilities.


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Lead Management

Make smarter decisions about where to invest marketing dollars, and show the impact of your marketing activities on your company's bottom line.

Manage leads from click to close.

  • Convert more leads into actual opportunities.

    Salesforce lets you track all the right information about your leads. Know what marketing campaign a lead came from, have the most up-to-date contact information, and see all relevant activities to help you convert more leads.

  • Route and assign leads to the right people.

    Set up automatic lead scoring and routing to ensure leads never fall through the cracks, and that the right sales reps follow up on leads while they’re hot.

  • Track marketing campaigns across all channels.

    From lead capture to close, you can manage and track campaigns across all channels, including social media. Make smarter decisions about where to invest, and show the impact of your marketing activities on your sales pipeline.

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