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As a Salesforce partner we create value by understanding and utilizing features that may not be part of the standard repertoire. Premier Success training and developer support helps us ensure that we are always bringing the most value possible to our customers.”

–Brad Gross, President, Information Logistics


Customer Profile: Information Logistics

Information Logistics, a App Exchange Partner and ISV, helps its customers track critical business data and knowledge through their organizations. The company relies on Premier Success training and developer support to ensure that they can provide the best custom apps to their customers, and get their solutions to market quickly.

“We need help getting our code correct, and also providing faster and better support to our customers,” said Brad Gross, President of Information Logistics. “Premier Success gives us the support that we need to provide around-the-clock coverage, and the training we need to create the most effective solutions for our customers.”

Premier Success has helped Information Logistics increase its ROI providing a single point of contact for finding answers to technical question efficiently and quickly, and finding out about new feature as they become available.

“Even though we have 35 years of combined experience, we don’t know everything, so being able to go and find that resource that we need quickly allows us to provide a better package and a better result for our customers in a shorter time frame,” said Gross.


  • Provide more timely and effective support to customers
  • Deliver custom applications to market faster
  • Improve ROI with streamlined support and on-demand training


  • Premier Success increases ROI for Information Logistics by providing the developer support and training which allows the company to produce better results for its customers in a shorter time frame.


  • Comprehensive training allows Information Logistics to create the most innovative solutions for their customers
  • Support response times under 2 hours, and most cases resolved in under 24 hours
  • Code troubleshooting allows faster time to market for custom apps and solutions
  • ROI improved because of faster development and issue resolution

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Countries: U.S.
Industry: IT Consulting
Solution: Premier Success
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