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"We’re building momentum and looking to invest more and more in Salesforce because we can see the benefits of the platform and its impact on how we engage with our customers."

– Brooke Treseder, Salesforce Administrator, Quantros


Customer Profile: Quantros

Quantros, a provider of cloud-based software for healthcare organizations, uses Sales Cloud for customer relationship management and business forecasting. Although healthcare industry mergers and acquisitions often make it challenging to keep customer data complete and accurate, Quantros relies on Premier+ Success Plan to help ensure data integrity and align Salesforce functionality with the company’s business objectives.

"Premier+ helped us configure our workflow and validation rules so the data cleans itself rather than us doing it manually and risking user error," says Brooke Treseder, Salesforce Administrator for Quantros. "When we make sales and financial forecasts, we now have much better insight." The improved data integrity, new workflows, and valuable reporting functionality have accelerated Quantros’ Salesforce user adoption dramatically.

Quantros has also improved and streamlined its customer service by working with Premier+ administration services to build dashboards that measure and track the company's SLAs. "They came at it from a totally different angle than I was thinking of and helped create a formula to track cases customized specifically for our business," says Treseder. "This has really helped our service reps pinpoint where they should be spending their time.”

With the help of resources like Premier+ user support and online training, Treseder is now able to keep her focus on leveraging Salesforce in new strategic ways that drive business value. " The more problems I'm able to solve with Salesforce, the more people look to Salesforce as a solution for many of our business challenges," says Treseder.


  • Improve data integrity
  • Grow user adoption
  • Drive more business value from Salesforce


  • Premier+ Success Plan’s administration services, customer support, and on-demand training help Quantros optimize Salesforce as a key tool for business planning and growth.


  • Increased user adoption
  • Improved and streamlined customer service
  • User support and on-demand training free up time to focus on strategic projects

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Countries: United States
Industry: Healthcare Technology
Solution: Premier+ Success Plan; Sales Cloud
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