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Salesforce helps everything
and everyone work a lot
better and a lot faster.”

— Sarah Metcalfe
Customer Service Manager

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Set up customer service fast, start helping in seconds.

  • Get going in no time.

    Service Cloud Ligthning from Salesforce lets you bring all of your support inquiries together in one easy-to-use console. In just a few hours you can offer smarter, personalised service on every channel — quick.

  • Help customers help themselves.

    Help customers quickly find their own answers with branded self-service sites and user communities. Reduce support costs, and give customers an easy way to find solutions and help each other, 24/7.

  • Quickly respond on every channel.

    Wherever customers need help, be there. Whether by email, phone, or social channels, quickly route their requests to agents who can access a complete customer history. Serve up solutions faster by automating repetitive tasks. Reduce time agents spend on simple cases and put more energy into solving complex issues.

Companies using
Salesforce report see:

Customer Retention



Customer Satisfaction



Case Resolution



Agent Productivity



“With Salesforce, we can get closer to our customers. It helps our team maximise their talent and deliver better service.”

— Andrew Burley, Managing Director, Ebury

  • The right answers, right away.

    Wrong answers can be worse than no answer at all. Salesforce gives agents an easy-to-use knowledge base to drive customer satisfaction with consistent, correct answers. And articles are easy to update so finding the latest info is easy, even for customers.

  • Monitor and improve every day.

    Don’t just solve cases and move on. Use what you’ve learned to make better business decisions. Reporting capabilities from Service Cloud Lightning turn cases into actionable insights that can improve customer service as well as product offerings.

  • Service that grows with you.

    Are you growing? Don't worry. When you need more customisation and functionality, you can upgrade to the solutions you need, like robust call center capabilities.

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