Increase efficiency throughout the value chain with Salesforce's solution for manufacturing.

Make data-driven decisions, create differentiatied experiences, and simplify partner engagement with Salesforce's Manufacturing Cloud — an industry solution built for manufacturers.

Simplify processes, increase visibility and agility, and deliver excellent experiences with Salesforce.


Unify customer, partner, and employee experiences on a single platform.

Learn how to offer personalised customer experiences, integrate your supply chain, and discover new digital workforce solutions with Salesforce.

Manage your business in real time — from order book to delivery and beyond.

With Manufacturing Cloud, you can extend your CRM to manage run-rate business throughout every order's lifecycle. You can now include sales agreements and account-based forecasting all in one place.

Trends in Manufacturing.

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Salesforce manufacturing solutions Frequently Asked Questions.


What is CRM in manufacturing?

CRM stands for customer relationship platform. A CRM platform can be used in manufacturing to connect manufacturers, partners, and customers across the entire supply chain, improving customer satisfaction and increasing operational efficiency.

What is digital supply chain transformation?

Digital supply chain transformation is the modernisation of the existing manufacturing supply chain. Using a CRM is part of the digitalisation of a supply chain as it helps unify all information in one place.

What is an agile manufacturing system?

An agile manufacturing system focuses on offering its customers a rapid response. Salesforce's connected, cloud-based CRM can help manufacturers work in agile ways as they can keep everyone informed at each step of the way.

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