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ADD TO CALENDAR Coordinate Post Acute-Care with CRM

Coordinate Post Acute-Care with CRM

Coordinate Post Acute-Care with CRM

Featured Speakers:

Erik Wagner, Senior Director, Provider Strategy, Salesforce

Terri Casterson, Director, Innovation and Virtual Health, SCL Health

Mickey Yalon, VP and CTO, J2 Interactive

While the industry faces an increasing trend of avoidable readmissions, it's more important than ever to improve patient outcomes and, at the same time, drive down costs.

In fact, a record-high 79% of U.S. hospitals were penalized in 2018 due to avoidable patient readmissions. Most healthcare providers lack the necessary information to coordinate patient recovery across the care team and lower the risk of readmission.

Join Salesforce, SCL Health, and J2 Interactive as we discuss how to deliver more effective and personalized patient care before and after discharge – all while enabling real-time collaboration across the entire care team and gaining important insights that support population health management.

During this webinar, see how you can:

  • Gain a complete view of your patients, including clinical and non-clinical interactions
  • Supercharge care team collaboration to deliver personalized care at scale
  • Engage patients and caregivers on any channel and device