Pre-Certification Letter

Salesforce is pleased to offer complimentary event invitations to select government employees and officials when appropriate under applicable laws and government organization policies.

Salesforce is committed to high standards of ethical conduct and to compliance with the gifts and ethics rules that may apply to the Equality Awards Gala on April 3, 2017, at the National Museum for Women in the Arts. To enable review of this event by your organization’s ethics official, we have estimated the total per person value of the Equality Awards Gala at $242 per person, which includes an open-seating reception featuring food and beverages, valued at $92 per person, as well as a brief set by Mary J. Blige, valued at $150 per person.

To participate in this event, you must have your organization’s legal counsel, ethics officer or designated executive official for gifts/ethics matters sign below to confirm that he/she has reviewed this letter and that attendance at the event, acceptance of the meal and entertainment, comply with the applicable government ethics laws and policies of your state, locality, and/or employer. The invitee should decline any other offer of anything beyond the scope of what is listed in this letter.

We ask that you review the following before accepting our invitation:

  • The invitation entitles the named individual to attend the event.
  • We are pleased to accept payment for all or a portion of this event as permitted or required under your ethics laws and policies. We are pleased to provide additional information and/or documentation upon request.
  • Please note that we may disclose information concerning your acceptance of this invitation and attendance at the event to your employer and others for legal, regulatory, and/or compliance purposes.

Please RSVP for the event via the button below, and return the letter (download here), signed by your ethics official, by email to Whitney Marks,

Your spot at this event is not confirmed until we have received this page signed.