Monday, June 4 - Wednesday, June 6
Arizona Biltmore, A Waldorf Astoria Resort | Phoenix Arizona
Join Bill Patterson, SVP and GM of Service Cloud, Sarah Patterson, SVP and GM of Service Cloud Product Marketing, Meredith Flynn-Ripley, VP of Digital Engagement Product Management for an incredible kick off to the event with special Trailblazer Guests!

What’s the difference between good and world-class customer experience providers? What’s the difference between those that simply satisfy customers and those that drive delight?

In a nutshell, it’s a matter of leadership, execution, amplifying human care through technology, and fostering an engaged and engaging team. Extraordinary customer experience brands consistently and effectively meet human needs, are easy to do business with, and make experiences enjoyable whenever possible. In this keynote Dr. Joseph Michelli examines how great leaders craft and sustain customer engagement, loyalty, and advocacy by inspiring people, improving processes, and deploying relevant technology. Borrowing from his consulting work and books about world-class customer experience brands like Mercedes-Benz, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Zappos, Starbucks and others, Dr. Michelli will highlight practical steps leaders can take to develop core competencies which elevate both internal and external customer service experiences. This session is for all those who wish to achieve service excellence, every person, every time.

Every digital transformation begins and ends with a customer. Those consumers are demanding connected experiences across digital channels, in-store, or when talking to sales or service representatives. But, building these connected experiences is hard. Learn more about why businesses are turning to Salesforce to power this transformation for their business.
It's no secret that start-ups and small businesses are hubs of innovation and known for disrupting industries. A lesser-known fact is that these same companies are now disrupting their enterprise counterparts not with products or services, but by providing amazing customer experiences that quickly adapt as customer expectations change. Many large enterprises struggle to keep up, often bogged down my complicated processes and competing interests. It doesn't have to be that way. Join us to learn how fast-growing companies are using the Salesforce Platform to provide best-in-class customer experiences with customer service.
The urgency around delivering exceptional customer service is continuing to rise across industries. Customers view their service experience as a leading differentiator for doing business with your company and as a result your customer service organization is on the frontlines, especially your employees that are out in the field. Join us to hear from Salesforce and our customers that are elevating the mobile workforce and on-site service.
Today, customers expect businesses to meet them on the channels they're already on, including mobile messaging, in-app, webchat and social. But how does a business determine the right channels to help transform not only the customer's experience — increasing CSAT, but also your company —- decreasing voice calls and costs. Join this session to hear how Republic Services uses digital engagement channels to do just that.
Change in any customer service organization can be tricky, but when rolling out a new tool for service, we face these pivotal questions: How to do it? When to begin? What to consider? Join this conversation to hear from experts who have walked down this path.
Service defines your brand. You don't want to miss this sneak peek to equip your agents for the new world of Service. The Service Cloud Product Management team will share exciting new trends and areas investment that will allow you to keep your competitive edge by deliver engaging Service.  We love to hear feedback directly from our amazing customers and prospects. We can't wait to see you in person!
Healthcare and life sciences companies are making the transformation to patient-centric business processes. In the new era of no-see physicians and high consumer expectations, pharma and med device companies must deliver amazing customer experience and support across all the channels their customers use: mobile, online, email, phone, and in person. Hear how industry leaders are using Salesforce to define and personalize the customer experience, delivering top-notch support to their patient and providers.
Join this session to explore how Artificial Intelligence is shifting the way we engage and work, as well as its ability to elevate the customer service experience for service agents, managers, and customers.  Understand the role AI will have in your company's customer service road map and walk away with actionable next steps to begin integrating an AI solution in your company.
As companies are increasingly using data intelligence to understand and serve customers better, it's critical that they are accountable to individual's rights to privacy and security. As the #1 CRM platform, Salesforce provides companies with transparency and control of their customer data to accelerate compliance with regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) while harnessing the power of that data to connect with customers in new ways.
In today's competitive environment, global enterprises need to focus on consumer centric relationships.  Connecting to the end-consumer is just as important as optimizing your channel relationships. How do you use customer data to increase revenue for your business growing direct sales and utilizing channel partners? Join us to learn how MTD Products has created a truly digital world leveraging Salesforce to service and sell to consumers and channel partners.
As the 4th Industrial revolution ushers in a new era of customer service innovation, the role of your contact center workforce needs to evolve as well. As technology changes, it’s important that managers and agents are prepared to handle cases in traditional and emerging channels like text, online chat, social media, or in combination with bots, IoT data, and other AI platforms.
Join us for an engaging, forward thinking, interactive session on the manager and agent training gap and how to prepare and maximize your customer service workforce in the age of the connected customer.
Customers increasingly expect an intuitive and engaging self-service experience from your company's website. But delivering great self-service can sound like a daunting task - how do you create an experience that customers will love? Come join our service experts to learn how to approach your self-service strategy and learn how Salesforce can make delivering a great online experience easier than ever.
Customer expectations for seamless service, no matter the channel, continue to reach new heights. Today, nearly 50% of all service interactions are digital, taking place across mobile messaging, social, web, and in-app. The good news? Businesses that deliver seamless support across these channels are realizing tremendous value not only among their service teams, but also across functions like sales and product. Hear how some Salesforce Trailblazer customers are using these service channels in innovative ways throughout their organization, and learn how you can drive ROI with digital engagement and self-service.
Drive loyalty and gain a holistic view of your shopper with Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud. Join this session to learn best practices that empower you to transform your service center into a cross-selling center.
The urgency around delivering exceptional customer service is continuing to rise across industries. Customers view their service experience as a leading differentiator for doing business with your company.  Join this conversation for a look at how industry leaders are tackling this challenge head-on.
By 2020, mobile employees will account for 75% of the entire US workforce. Innovations in mobile broadband and computing technology will also contribute to this growth. Additionally, the introduction of biometric readers, connected wearable devices, voice control technology, near-field communications (NFC) and augmented reality into the workplace is speeding up this transition. Learn and hear from industry experts on case studies and best practices to address this revolutionary labor shift.
Join us to hear the exciting innovation we've got planned for Salesforce's fastest growing new product: Field Service Lightning. We'll show you how today's intelligent routing and scheduling will grow to include inventory, billing, eSignature, and Internet of Things capabilities so you can connect with customers like never before.

When it comes to service, companies create loyal customers by helping them solve their problems. However, customer service interactions are nearly four times more likely to lead to disloyalty than loyalty. Many companies try to drive customer loyalty by delighting them—exceeding customer expectations with above-and-beyond service. Yet this strategy is difficult and costly to deliver; worse, it fails to deliver a proportionate increase in loyalty.

Join us as we hear from Pete Slease, principal advisor and contributor to the Effortless Experience, to understand the best practices and latest insights into truly making your customers’ service experience effortless.

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