Dreamforce Packages | November 9-12, 2020

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Download the PDF below for a full comparison matrix, highlighting side-by-side everything you can expect from the Explorer, Navigator and Groundbreaker levels.

Explorer: Insight Seekers


Experience the opportunities Dreamforce has to offer through a one day shared table in the Dreamforce Campground or an intimate space for customer meetings in our Sponsor Meeting Center.


Drive ecosystem awareness and meaningful business conversations with customers and prospects by leveraging a dedicated space in the Dreamforce Campground.

Groundbreaker: Engagement Generators


Generate targeted leads by engaging attendees throughout their Dreamforce journey. Prominent Campground branding, content sessions, and dedicated space for meetings put your brand in front of customers.

Innovator: Integration Drivers

Interact with top personas and guide the customer through unique event integration opportunities. Use captivating and integrated assets to connect with new or existing customers. Contact us to learn more about customizing your sponsorship experience.

Pioneer: Visionary Leaders

Lead markets and solidify your expertise as you tell a unique story that reaches Dreamforce and beyond. With relevant and custom assets, you set the stage with a distinct story. Contact us to learn more about customizing your sponsorship experience.

Add On(s)

Dreamforce Add Ons are available for Navigator and Groundbreaker sponsors looking to expand their package. Limited quantities are available and some restrictions apply, reach out to your sponsorship manager to learn more.

Expand your presence.



The Salesforce.org Lodge is where over 3,500 attendees from the nonprofit and education sectors come to reconnect with our shared mission: improve the state of the world. Join us as a sponsor to showcase the solutions and services driving success for our .org customers.

Trailhead Area

The Trailhead Area is where developers and admins gather to learn how to build better and faster on Salesforce. Sponsor the Trailhead Area to get hands-on with the tens of thousands of technical attendees who come to Dreamforce.

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