Trailblazers for the Future

Teach your agents the right way to communicate with customers during COVID-19.

Now, more than ever, your service agents need to know the right skills for the times. Take the Trailmix and teach your team the organizational behavior, soft skills, EQ, and business acumen that will help them thrive as they build lasting relationships with your customers.

The best agents are future-proof.


Technology is indeed the future, but not all of it. So much of a company’s success will be based squarely on the human side of customer service. Businesses with the right balance of organizational behavior, soft skills, EQ, and business acumen will always find ways to thrive.

Salesforce is invested in helping you establish your team as a world-class customer service organization through a series of trails designed to ensure your agents communicate with your customers the right way. With great customer service agents, technology can reach its full potential.

You will learn how to deliver connected, personalized, and empathetic interactions based on heightened customer expectations — and how to train your agents to do the same.  


Turn best practices into skill sets.

Take the Trailmix with training created by Trailblazers, industry thought leaders, and Salesforce service experts. Join the Service Insider community to connect with other service professionals, and find out about upcoming virtual events, programs, and more.

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