Trailblazers for the Future is now a part of CCW University’s Future Leaders Certification Program.
The 4th Industrial Revolution is changing the entire way that customers connect with your business. Trailblazers for the Future brings you everything you need to know to help agents use today’s multi channel technology to deliver more efficient, effective service — and turn those customers into your new brand ambassadors. In partnering with CCW, Trailblazers for the Future is a part of a larger 2-day Future Leaders Certification program, hosted at CCW Las Vegas. Passes for CCW University must be purchased with an event package (2, 3, 4 or 5 day conference pass).
Hear from innovative businesses like yours and learn how they’re using Salesforce to connect to their customers. Walk away with the research, vision, and tools you need to help your customers succeed. 
Are your ready to advance your career? Do you want to drive your employees towards career advancement? The CCW University Future Leaders Certification Program is laying the groundwork for the future growth and success of HiPOs (high-potential managers) who aspire to become Directors, VPs, & Chiefs. The Future Leaders Certification Program is formatted to sharpen your business and soft skills required to prepare your contact center workforce for the digital divide between customer expectation and contact center readiness. Those who pass this two day course will receive a Future Leaders Certification from CCW and walk away with tools to help them increase performance and a path towards career growth.
Keep the conversation going to learn, innovate, and grow.