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Welcome to the Salesforce platform, Admin! Salesforce Admins are critical to any Salesforce implementation because they match business needs with technology solutions. Join this session to learn about what skills, best practices, and tools you can use to drive success at your company and grow your career as a Salesforce Admin.
At the center of every experience is a customer. Connecting with that customer across channels and touchpoints has never been more challenging. Every system and user requires a timely, relevant and consistent set of trusted of customer data to make the experience as satisfying as possible. Yet, Marketers, Service Agents and Commerce Professionals have unique needs for what it takes to deliver a unified customer experience. Come learn how Salesforce Customer 360 will deliver connected Salesforce apps, help build a 360-degree view of the customer and provide pre-built packages of experiences in Service, Marketing and Commerce.
Ready to implement Pardot and launch your first campaign? Learn from experiences of other Pardot experts and customers for how you can set up Pardot and launch your first campaign in 30 days.
The healthcare and life sciences industry knows change is needed to achieve the collective goals of better care, lower costs, and healthier people. Yet the scale of that transformation can feel overwhelming. How does an organization begin to address today's challenges and realize the promise of a patient and member centered future?
New to the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform? Join this session to learn what Anypoint Platform is, what problems it solves, how it works and what the benefits are from using it.
The disruption impacting every industry is clear, but developing new ways of working to navigate change and create new value in your organization isn't. Even with the best intentions, over two-thirds of traditional change efforts fail. Join us to hear what does work from experiences with Fortune 500 firms and startups. You'll learn a clear, actionable strategy for introducing and cultivating new practices in your organization.
From Products to Quotes to Approvals to Billing fundamentals, learn the important features of Salesforce Q2C in under 30 minutes.
Learn how over a hundred thousand companies are accelerating their digital transformation and achieving a 341% ROI with Salesforce's next-generation CRM platform. This keynote will provide all the tools and resources needed to kickstart the journey to Lightning. You'll also hear how Trailblazers have built the case for Lightning, managed change at scale, and are delivering smarter and faster with the Lightning Platform.
Learn how Salesforce Trailblazers use Commerce Cloud to reach both consumer shoppers and business buyers with a connected, personalized online experience across all touchpoints. With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, companies can support the entire value chain - from manufacturing to distribution to end customers - on a single platform. Grow revenue, reduce costs and gain a 360-degree view of your customers across B2B and B2C channels.
Running key business processes on Salesforce like sales, service, marketing or commerce? Especially for customers using multiple Salesforce clouds in multiple business units, keeping your business running smoothly is a key objective of your IT team. In this session, you will learn 3 things you can start working on right away to speed up issue resolution, ensure stability in a complex environment with "always-on" requirements, and reduce roadblocks to innovation & growth.
Technology has driven customer expectations to an all-time high. Customers of both B2C and B2B companies expect personalized timely interactions on the channels of their choice before and after a sale. At the same time, the rapid evolution of technology has created valid privacy concerns, resulting in far reaching regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation, better known as the GDPR. Join us for a presentation and panel discussion featuring Salesforce Product and Privacy Leaders and Salesforce Trailblazers discussing how companies can use technology to simultaneously meet and exceed customer expectations, and accelerate their readiness for new privacy regulations.
Trailhead is the fun way to learn and empowers everyone to skill up for the future. Join us to learn best practices for using Trailhead to scale onboarding, inspire employees to learn, and drive Salesforce adoption. Discover how you can bring the power of Trailhead to your company with your own branded and customized learning content with myTrailhead
Your customers are more connected than ever before. The cost of poor CRM adoption isn't just about underutilized investments and missing your business goals: it's not being able to connect to your customers in a whole new way. So wherever you are in your Salesforce journey, ensuring that your implementation is set-up with Salesforce best practices is critical. It's not just about how you go live, it's what you turn on, when you do it, and why they matter. Join this session to hear key learnings and tales from the front lines. Listen to our top Salesforce Architects as they provide strategic and technical guidance on launching epic Salesforce implementations.
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is a key metric for service teams. But how do you effectively measure CSAT inside of Salesforce and leverage the data to create change in your organization? Join us as we show you how to integrate surveys with Salesforce to collect real-time customer feedback and take action on survey data. We'll then dive into CFA Institute's story about how they used Service Cloud and GetFeedback to transform their digital service experience. CFA Institute will walk us through their case closed CSAT program, highlighting their strategy for survey content, distribution, and data mappings. Then they'll shine a light on the most important aspect of their CSAT program: how they're leveraging the data to influence everything from agent trainings to product direction. You will walk away with a blueprint for your own integrated feedback program.
You've got to start with the experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around. Steve Jobs, Apple Leading and operationalizing a customer-centric philosophy represents the single biggest challenge and the single biggest opportunity facing marketers today. We live in a customer-driven economy and savvy companies realize that to survive and remain competitive, shifting to a customer-centric model represents a business imperative. Prepare yourself to be challenged during this 20-minute session as we explore the mindset, the skillset and the toolset required for today's customer-centric marketer. We'll highlight the mindset necessary to pioneer this transformation and we'll review the high-level skillset and toolset necessary to operationalize this critical strategy. Join us and gain a new perspective on your role and a new game plan for how you can both lead and operationalize this shift to customer-centricity.
Every digital transformation starts and ends with the customer. Customers expect connected experiences across every channel and touchpoint, and integration is now a strategic part of every digital transformation. Join us to see how MuleSoft helps organizations dramatically accelerate their innovation.
By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Which is why the world's leading companies are racing to replace legacy portals, forums, and sites with Community Cloud. Come hear how Trailblazers like Lamborghini build amazing digital experiences. Fast. Our customers connect with 330 million of their customers and partners with Community Cloud. It's time to see just how fast digital transformation can be.
Success in the digital era is about being integrated, agile, and customer-centric. Join us as to learn how Salesforce Success Cloud and MuleSoft work together to reimagine how companies can connect the front and back office, and integrate their experiences, technology, data, and culture to deliver seamless and connected customer experiences.
Quip is changing the way sales teams work together. Join us to hear about Quip's newest integration features with Salesforce. Learn how your teams can access, manipulate and collaborate around Salesforce data directly in Quip. Come away with concrete tips and tricks for extending the power of Salesforce through Quip integrations and empower your employees to make decisions faster through a culture of action.
Einstein has grown to become a family of AI technologies at Salesforce that span the realms of data discovery, machine learning, and even deep learning. With so many products and features, how do you decide which Einstein solution is right for you? Join us for a broad overview of the available and upcoming Einstein capabilities, and a special deep dive on our newest innovation launched at Dreamforce -- Einstein Voice -- allowing anyone to talk to Salesforce.
Every connected customer experience starts with a deep understanding of the customer. But, getting that knowledge is challenging, especially in the ever expanding landscape of consumer engagement and technology. Come to this session to better understand the various approaches to achieve a customer 360 and what to avoid for getting a complete view of your customer. Learn about Salesforce and partner tools as well as implementation patterns to deliver a customer data management approach driven by integration that drives marketing, commerce, service, sales, and analytics.
What can you do to get your team on board? Join us to learn the Guiding Principles to Maximize CRM Adoption & very specific examples of how to put these principles into action.
Every organization is feeling the pressure to move fast with limited resources. Learn how business and IT leaders are coming together to revolutionize their app development process and supercharge productivity by building intelligent, mobile-first apps and processes with the Lightning Platform.
You can learn a lot about your customers by asking one question: How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague? This is the standard Net Promoter Score (NPS) question and it is a key customer health metric that helps identify brand advocates and at-risk accounts, so you can fight churn. When an NPS program is done right, it can deliver powerful insights about customer loyalty at key stages in the customer journey. But how do you execute an effective NPS Program? We're here to help. In this session, we'll share best practices for NPS survey design and distribution, as well as how to integrate your NPS program with Salesforce so you can take action and impact the bottom line.
Join our expert as they give a quick guided tour of how to build custom enterprise applications with the Salesforce Platform. You'll see how to leverage the same tools used to power the world's best CRM to suit your custom solutions and customer needs.
Lightning Experience means a 25% increase in productivity for all users, 50% faster app builds, faster 360 customer service and - according to Forrester - a 341% three-year ROI for Salesforce customers. But change in large organizations can be intimidating, even knowing the change will benefit your bottom line. Join us to learn how you can diagnose and overcome key challenges so you can build your Lightning rollout plan.
Trends like automation, integration, digital channels, and mobile workforces have caused a profound shift in the way customers interact with companies. Nowhere is this more apparent than in customer service, which impacts every moment of the customer experience. To thrive and compete in the new age of service, every organization must reimagine their service approach and create transformational service experiences. Join us to see how trailblazers like Marriott and The Container Store are using the World's #1 B2C and B2B Service Platform to capitalize on these trends to transform service and deliver customer success.
Salesforce is constantly innovating - making cutting edge technologies available to our customers - and leading the foray into the 4th industrial revolution. Whether you are advancing the boundaries of what is possible for the industry or your organization, technology has the potential to enable leaders to solve our most pressing problems. Join us to hear inspiring stories of how industry leaders use Salesforce to solve real-world problems. Don't miss discussions on the impact of emerging technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and telehealth in healthcare and life sciences.
AI solutions at Salesforce promise to make companies more productive by augmenting the decisions they make with relevant information. But in practice, how can you deliver algorithmic insights at scale for your business at the moment of action? Join this session to see some real-world examples of data and analytics intelligence in action and hear from our customers to find out how they optimize Sales, Service, Marketing and Operations with Einstein Analytics to drive growth through data and analytics.
Ready to make the move to Lightning but not sure where to get started? Your answer is in the Lightning Experience Transition Toolkit. Learn how to kick-off your journey to Lightning -assess, migrate and optimize all your customizations so your team can start leveraging the full power of Lightning.
An Admin's life is always evolving. With all the hats you wear, how can you be the rockstar your team needs you to be? Join us to hear of the incredible journey from of our MVP Admins as they share the tricks they leverages to maximize impact across their organization and stay on the forefront of Salesforce innovation.
Continuous Deployment is one of the five Goals of Operational Excellence required to transform your company into a Digital Enterprise. Realizing that goal on the Salesforce Platform seems more challenging than it does on other platforms. It's just too easy to make changes in the various environments to get proper control. With the right tools and processes however, this goal is within the reach of any Salesforce customer. In this presentation, we will review the DevOps processes required to gain control of your release process (walk), learn how to reduce the time and effort it takes to release features all the way to production (run), and increase the frequency of successful deployments so your organization can realize the business value of your development effort on a continuous basis.
All small businesses have one thing in common: they started with a dream. At Salesforce, we've watched thousands of small businesses start their entrepreneurial journeys and are constantly inspired by how they use Salesforce to help make those dreams a reality. Join us to hear how our customers get started with Salesforce Essentials, grow faster with the Salesforce Platform and win together at every stage of their journey. You'll leave with the tools and inspiration you need to put your small business into high gear with the world's #1 CRM platform.
Today's B2B buyers demand a seamless, robust commerce experience that's on par with their favorite B2C shopping sites. Salesforce B2B Commerce allows businesses to reach their wholesale buyers online with an easy-to-use, self-service purchasing experience built for business customers. Learn how to delight wholesale buyers, drive larger purchase orders, stock inventory in retail stores, and support contract pricing and custom catalogs with smart digital experiences.
Marketers are stretched thin. How do you make the most of your precious resources? Join us to learn how to use Content Builder to decrease time designing and developing emails, while also increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Improve marketing content curation, increase collaboration across teams, and learn data-driven strategies to personalize content.
The marketers' playbook has forever changed in this Age of Intelligent Marketing, with transformative technologies like AI redefining consumer interactions. Join Salesforce product experts and hear from trailblazers like Ticketmaster and BBVA, to see how the #1 marketing platform is enabling marketers to better know, personalize, and engage your consumers. Learn how to build your brands and grow ROI from innovative companies, while connecting with your fellow trailblazers to gain new insights, have fun, and win the hearts, minds, and loyalty of your consumers.
Today, working together has become synonymous with email and meetings, which slows teams down. Join us to learn how Quip helps teams make decisions without a single meeting, email, or file version. We'll cover specific business use-cases that help teams unlock cross-functional decisions, and get work done faster.
AI solutions at Salesforce promise to make companies more productive by augmenting the decisions they make with relevant information. But in practice, how can you deliver algorithmic insights at scale for your business at the moment of action? Join this session to see some real-world examples of data and analytics intelligence in action, ultimately leading to customer intelligence to drive business growth.
Is your Org ready for Lightning? This session will cover the essential things you need to know before migrating to Lightning, including Lightning Readiness Report, identifying quick wins, and a live demo of key features and resources.
Looking to unlock the full potential of the Customer Success Platform? Whether you want to learn at your own pace, accelerate the value you get from Salesforce, or design your customer experience transformation, Success Cloud has the resources and the experts to help you reach your business goals, faster. You'll hear inspirational stories and best practices from Trailblazing MVPs, business leaders, and Success experts. Don't miss it!
Join us for a glimpse into the story behind Desirae Slaugh's awesome Trailblazer journey. Desirae will share lessons learned on her path from super user to Salesforce Admin and Lightning Champion. You'll walk away inspired to learn with Trailhead, engage in the Trailblazer Community, and build the career of your dreams in the Salesforce ecosystem.
Modern sales teams are facing many new challenges and we have the solutions. Join us to learn how you can future proof your sales process with the latest technology - gain insights that will allow you to bridge the gap between Sales & Marketing, drive increased productivity, embrace AI and so much more.
With myTrailhead, Salesforce is transforming the learning experience for our employees at every step of their career journey. Join us to learn tips, tricks and best practices for how you can create a culture of learning at your company with myTrailhead.
Today's marketing is about more than just campaigns - it's every touchpoint with your customer. Join us to discover how to use Marketing Cloud Connect to leverage data across Marketing, Sales, Service, and Communities so you can build 1-to-1 relationships with your customers.
Let's talk about how and why the Trailblazer Community has developed into the most unique and supportive community in tech. Learn about all the ways you can meet peers in Atlanta Community Groups, the best ways to engage with the global community, and how we can all succeed together.
By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Which is why the world's leading companies are racing to replace legacy portals, forums, and sites with Community Cloud. Come hear how Trailblazers like Lamborghini build amazing digital experiences. Fast. Our customers connect with 330 million of their customers and partners with Community Cloud. It's time to see just how fast digital transformation can be.
According to Gartner, 97% of projects are delayed by 1 or more governance functions. As digital transformation and becoming more customer-centric ranks higher in priority for leaders today, companies need to invest in new technology as much as enhancements to their operating models. Learn how to avoid getting bogged down with models that do more for internal processes and systems than your customers. Join us to learn about lean governance and how to prioritize organizational strategies to innovate and move quickly without the complexity.
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