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8:30 a.m. - 9:10 a.m.

  • Grow Faster with the Right Data at the Right Moment
    Looking for an edge in how you sell and market to customers? Successful companies know their customers and prospects better, connect to them faster, and make better data-driven decisions when they have the right data at the right moment. Salesforce brings the best B2B customer data into the #1 CRM so you get more insights, more sales opportunities, and cleaner data -- all right where your team works, helping boost your sales productivity. Join us to hear how Salesforce customers see increased CRM adoption, shorter sales cycles, and faster growth.
  • Habits & Hacks for Salesforce Admins
    Join Salesforce admin expert Mike Gerholdt (aka ButtonClickAdmin) as he walks you through the top habits and best practices of successful Salesforce Admins. We?ll show you amazing hacks that will make you a more efficient Salesforce Admin, make your users more productive and drive success for you and your business.
  • Hands-on Training: Enhance Salesforce1 with Quick Actions
    Actions let users do more in Salesforce1, like update and create records. Learn how to create quick actions, add them to the Salesforce1 or a specific object, and how to customize quick actions for different users. You should be an experienced administrator with a solid understanding of page layouts.
  • How Alex and Ani & Elizabeth Arden Focus on the Customer Experience
    At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if a customer is talking with your sales, customer service, or marketing teams around the globe - you need to deliver a consistent experience for that customer. How do retailers maintain their brand voice through periods of rapid growth? How do you ensure you have a consistent tone for customers across your social channels as well as the rest of your digital channels? Alex and Ani and Elizabeth Arden will detail their strategies for delivering an experience on social media that leaves their customers feeling beautiful and coming back for more.
  • Power Shift: How Customers Drive Engagement Across Marketing, Sales & Service
    Today's customers are always on, and continuously engaging with brands across channels and devices. They move seamlessly across marketing, sales and service and expect relevant, personalized interactions each step of the way. This fundamental shift in power requires companies to rethink how they manage the journey and deliver a cohesive experience throughout the lifecycle. Join Paul Greenberg as he dives deeper into the changing landscape of customer engagement, and shares insights on how companies can better interact with customers and create more meaningful relationships.
  • Salesforce for Nonprofits: Program Management on the Social Impact Platform
    Salesforce for Nonprofits helps organizations deliver more effective and efficient programs by connecting all relevant information in one place. Employees, partners, members, and data all work together seamlessly so organizations can automate every step and see the impact of their efforts in real time. Program managers collaborate seamlessly across geography. Directors have real-time insights to know they are investing in the right programs.

12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

  • Hands-on Training: Get Started with Support Reports and Dashboards
    Saleforce's real-time reporting capabilities and dashboards allow your service organization to easily analyze the support metrics that matter most. You'll learn how to use report options and report builder to generate agent productivity and customer satisfaction reports. You'll also learn how to use dashboard builder to display your support metrics on a dashboard for maximum visibility. This session is ideal for support users who are new to Salesforce reports and dashboards.

1:00 p.m. - 1:40 p.m.

  • Best Practices to Grow Your Small Business with Salesforce
    Are you a small business? Want to learn how you can grow your business faster? Come hear from our experts and successful customers who have grown their businesses using Salesforce. Learn how Salesforce can help you do more with less. Learn how to use data to make the best decisions. And how you can drive adoption with simple, but critical tips. You'll also have the chance to pick the brains of our customer speakers, learning from their successes and challenges.
  • Community Cloud
    Over the last two years, it is startling to see dozens of consequential organisations scale for agility over efficiencies. It means permission to fail fast, implementing lattice vs. ladder organizational structures and, most importantly, harnessing collective expertise. We have hit a techno-behaviorial tipping point where the processes and technologies are finally in place to fully exploit the knowledge inside and outside of the organization. The results are nothing short of transformational -- come hear the story from our experts.
  • Defining Your Strategy for Mobile Success with Salesforce1
    Mobility is changing not only how we live, but how we work. Join us to learn how to use mobile to connect and engage with your customers and employees in a whole new way. We'll also highlight best practices for optimizing and rolling out a mobile strategy for your company.
  • Marketing Cloud: The Journey is the Reward
    The future of marketing is the 1:1 customer journey. Salesforce has the complete customer success platform to help marketers engage their customers in entirely new ways across each step in the journey. Join us to learn how Marketing Cloud can help you take your digital marketing to the next level. Learn new ways to optimize your email and mobile marketing, enhance your social media management, improve your online advertising and grow your lead nurturing strategy.
  • Salesforce for Nonprofits: Become a Connected Nonprofit
    Nonprofits are transforming the social sector and philanthropy by connecting their communities in powerful ways. Hear how nonprofits are leveraging Salesforce for Nonprofits to disrupt the status quo and revolutionize how they connect employees, supporters, partners and programs to accelerate the pace of change.

2:00 p.m. - 2:40 p.m.

  • Connecting Marketing with Sales, Service and Beyond
    Discover all of the marketing solutions Salesforce has to help drive customer journeys. Learn about best in class strategies that help unify the customer experience across your organization by leveraging all the touchpoints from connecting with your customers in communities, to engaging personalized customer service, to collaborating across sales and marketing. The technological landscape is changing and marketing is leading the digital revolution. Join us to learn how Salesforce connects your Marketing, Sales and Service efforts and creates seamless 1:1 journeys for your customers.
  • Customer Service the Small Business Way
    Keeping customers happy is essential to growth as a small business. Designed for speed and built for scale, gets your fast-growing company up and running with support in just hours with everything you need to deliver fast, awesome customer service. Join us to see how productivity tools help agents close cases faster, a user-friendly knowledge base drives consistency and correctness for agents and for self-service support, and how connecting customer service to other critical parts of your business creates a complete 360-degree view of your customers to personalize every interaction.
  • Hands-on Training: Create Measureable Email Campaigns with the Marketing Cloud
    The Marketing Cloud allows you to create highly relevant and beautiful-looking emails for any campaign. These emails can be paired with your Salesforce data and sent directly to contacts or leads from within the Sales/Service Clouds. After an email has been sent, you can view your tracking data on Salesforce1 and never worry about your data being out of synch. Participants will leave the session with the ability to: Create an email from within the Marketing Cloud. Send an email from within the Sales Cloud. Track email results on Salesforce1 Participants in this session should have a basic understanding of Lead and Contact records within Sales/Service Clouds and standard Salesforce reports to fully participate in this session. Please note, to participate in Hands-on Training sessions, you must bring your own device.
  • How Kraft Drives Email Engagement Using Native Advertising & Personalization
    As brands and advertisers embrace the promise of data integration, nearly every medium has been impacted. From display advertising to print to even TV, brands and advertisers are exploring how emerging data and targeting tools can be leveraged most effectively in order to authentically connect to consumers. Site visits, email click-throughs and social media activity are a treasure-trove of detailed first-party data that help identify the interests and behaviors of a brand?s consumers. These insights can be used to target Native Advertising and personalized content delivery. Join Kraft, LiveIntent, MXM and Salesforce to discuss their first-ever native advertising in email campaign and how Kraft is using Marketing Cloud's Active Audiences to personalize email messaging using first-party data.
  • Sales Cloud Best Practices: Your Steps to Success
    Do you have a plan for ensuring success with Sales Cloud? Do you know how your organization can achieve the best results, maximize sales performance, and ensure widespread adoption? In this session, we'll walk you through the critical steps and best practices every sales organization should follow, and what to avoid. You'll see demonstrations of great features and hear from customers who have achieved amazing sales results and will explain firsthand how they did it.
  • Salesforce for Nonprofits: Turn Big Data into Social Change
    Salesforce Analytics Cloud is Analytics for the Rest of Us and leading nonprofits are already showing how big data can help solve the world's complex problems. Learn how Project 8 is using Analytics Cloud to help ensure that the 8 billion people that will live on this earth in 15 years will have the food, water, and energy they need.
  • Welcome to the Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud
    The world is exploding with amazing new data about your customer: mobile devices, social networks, product sensors. With the Analytics Cloud, you can connect any data, from any source, to everyone in your company. Join us and hear from innovative companies who are uncovering new insights and opportunities from any device.

3:00 p.m. - 3:40 p.m.

  • Accelerate Pipeline with Pardot: Salesforce B2B Marketing Automation Solution
    Meet Pardot, your new sales and marketing secret weapon. Join us to learn how adding marketing automation to your CRM can help optimize your lead generation, and get the right leads to the right people, at the right time. Pardot empowers you to move leads through the funnel and close the ROI loop faster and more efficiently.
  • How Intuit Turned Transactional Emails Into Quick Customer Wins
    Customer communication of all types - marketing, support, and transactional - is essential for keeping audiences engaged with your brand. What happens when different product lines communicate differently? You create customer confusion and email apathy. Join the Intuit Buy Experience team as they discuss how they doubled engagement rates by aligning branding strategies and revamping their 1:1 customer lifecycle communications.
  • No Reservation? No Problem!
    Open Table and Marketing Cloud at Your Service From helping restaurants grow and run their businesses, to enabling diners to discover and book the perfect table every time they dine, Open Table?s story is one of connection?among diners, restaurants, and their communities. Through its mobile app and online reservation system, each month Open Table manages an astounding 16 million reservations for 32,000 restaurants generating over 450,000 customer reviews. Join us to learn how Scott Jampol, SVP of Marketing, leverages Marketing Cloud to ensure an appetizing experience each and every time. You?ll hear how diner profiles and recommendations enable 1:1 personalization for emails, SMS, and push notifications, and how user generated content empowers social connections.
  • Salesforce for Higher Ed: Becoming a Connected Campus
    Built for the social and mobile era, learn how Salesforce for Higher Ed enables you to become a Connected Campus, place students at the center of everything you do, and achieve breakthrough performance across the student lifecycle. Then learn how an esteemed higher education institution is using Salesforce to increase productivity, streamline systems and processes, and create a more efficient engagement platform with their constituents. They will also share how this fits into a campus-wide CRM strategy for fostering and building relationships across the entire student lifecycle in a phased approach.
  • Salesforce1 Lightning Technical Overview
    Salesforce1 Lightning, the next generation of the Salesforce1 Platform provides a suite of powerful tools for everyone - from business users to developers - to build amazing apps faster than ever. Learn how anyone can build apps - fast, discover how Lightning improves collaboration between admins and business stakeholders and see how easy it is to unlock and access your legacy data.
  • Salesforce1 Platform: Build Apps Fast. Build Business Faster.
    Speed and innovation are today's currency for business as new technologies trigger new opportunities. Join us to hear how you can use Salesforce1 Lightning to transform IT to innovate and leapfrog your competition. Learn how to build engaging customer-facing apps and connect them to your business process. Then, see how easy it is for anyone to build mobile apps for employees to work faster from anywhere.

3:00 p.m. - 3:40 p.m.

  • Demo Session: Get Started Coding S1 Mobile Apps w/ Lightning Components
    The Lightning component framework allows you to build dynamic mobile and web applications on the Salesforce1 platform. In this session, learn how to create and use basic Lightning Components using JavaScript. Reminder this is a hands off session, demo only!

4:00 p.m. - 4:40 p.m.

  • Deliver the Future of Customer Service Today
    Customer experience is overtaking product and price as the #1 brand differentiator. How is your company leveraging this industry change? Join us to learn how the most successful organizations are using Service Cloud to transform their businesses with a service-first strategy. Come learn how to prepare your organization for the future and drive customer satisfaction by delivering more personalized service in a smarter and faster way than ever before.
  • Extend Salesforce with the AppExchange
    With over 2,700 apps on the AppExchange and more than 3 million customer installs, you can run your entire business on Salesforce. In this session you will hear from customers the best ways to extend Sales and Service Cloud as well as how AppExchange can power solutions for every department with free and paid apps from our partners.
  • How Aligns Marketing and Sales for Revenue-Driving Success
    When marketing and sales are working in lockstep, your revenue soars and your business grows. Resident marketing technology expert, James Kenler, has been on both sides of the sales and marketing divide. Learn how James used marketing automation to align the sales and marketing processes at CareerBuilder around a common business goal to ultimately develop a unified sales strategy driving overall revenue and resulting in the creation of new teams and resources.
  • How Salesforce Uses the Marketing Cloud
    Ever wonder how Salesforce uses the Marketing Cloud? Be sure to attend this session to learn how we use the Marketing Cloud to create 1:1 customer journeys. We'll talk about Salesforce1 Mobile app adoption and on-boarding, best practices for event registration, creating on-site mobile experiences, driving leads with social advertising, identifying and engaging advocates on social channels, and more. And we will take a real-time look at how we used the Marketing Cloud during Connections.
  • Salesforce for Nonprofits: Communicate More Effectively
    Whether you're engaging a new prospect or spreading the word about your cause, delivering the message to the right person at the right time can amplify your impact. Learn how nonprofit organizations are taking advantage of 1:1 Customer Journeys in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to get the word out and drive more impact.
  • Transform HR and Employee Engagement with Salesforce
    Engaged employees are the lifeblood of every organization, but the war for attracting and retaining this top talent is intensifying. The consumer app revolution has increased employee's expectations, and social platforms like LinkedIn and GlassDoor have put employees in the drivers seat of their careers. To stay ahead of the competition, companies must rethink how they create engaging employee experiences - from onboarding to alumni networks- throughout every phase of the employee lifecycle. Savvy companies are turning to the number one platform for engaging and connecting with their customers, and using it as a platform for building engaging employee experiences. Come hear an overview of this exciting employee engagement solution, see a demo on the Salesforce Employee Success Platform and, hear top customer stories and use cases to understand how Salesforce drives employee engagement within their organizations.

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