Ready to think outside the transaction? Our breakout sessions can help.

Whether you’re a global retail powerhouse or a boutique brand on the rise, our sessions will help you turn shoppers into buyers and deliver a better, more personalized shopping experience to all of them.

  • Predictive Commerce with Salesforce Einstein
    Retailers which use data and intelligence to create superior customer experiences and make better business decisions are winning in the market. This track will help you bring this advantage to your business. Learn how Commerce Cloud Einstein artificial intelligence can personalize your shoppers' experiences. See how you can benchmark yourself and gain industry insights using data from across Commerce Cloud. Hear directly from customers and intelligence experts from across the community.
  • Faster Innovation
    Ever-changing consumer behavior and expectations require retailers to embrace innovation at a never-before-seen pace. This track will explore how Commerce Cloud can be part of your innovation strategy, showcasing the latest functionality and ensuring your know how best to leverage it to engage your customers and keep abreast of their expectations. Sessions will address the topic of innovation holistically, covering all aspects of your business, internal and external.
  • Unified Experience
    Shoppers don’t see channels or touch-points, they only see brands. In this track, learn how retailers can and must deliver a coordinated, brand-consistent experience across channels, driven by a single view of key data such as product, price, promotion, orders, and more. Sessions will include demonstrations, presentations, real-world examples, and product overviews, including the new Commerce Cloud Store solution and Commerce Cloud’s enhanced order management capabilities.
  • Deep Dive: The Latest Commerce Cloud Enhancements
    Using the latest Commerce Cloud enhancements is a key to success. Designed for all technical audiences, this track will showcase recent platform innovations. Commerce Cloud product managers and architects will deep dive not just into core digital commerce enhancements, but also the latest on Einstein, Commerce Cloud Store and order management. In addition to learning about the most recent developments, you’ll also gain get insight into our future direction and product roadmap.
  • Tools & Skills for Efficient, Trusted Operations
    Commerce success depends on achieving maximum platform efficiency and security. Designed for developers, architects and administrative technology professionals, this track will sharpen attendees' skill sets and set them up to create more value for their organization. Led by Commerce Cloud technical experts, sessions will feature best practices, new technologies and methodologies — ranging from sophisticated techniques to simple tips, tricks and tools that yield big results.
  • Beyond Commerce: Targeting, Acquiring and Nurturing Shoppers
    Commerce doesn’t end with purchasing — the full journey ranges from brand discovery to conversion to nurturing repeat shoppers. In this track, learn how Salesforce’s Intelligent Shopper Success Platform can connect commerce to this larger retail marketing effort. See how Salesforce Marketing Cloud - including Krux, combines with Commerce Cloud to change the retail game from finding like-minded audiences, to sending the most relevant messaging, to converting shoppers into brand loyalists.
  • Beyond Commerce: Serving Shoppers and Creating Advocates
    Today’s connected shopper expects a unified experience not just across commerce channels but at every touchpoint throughout their journey with the brand. A great overall experience can create powerful brand advocates; a poor or disconnected one can yield the opposite. In this track, learn how Salesforce’s Intelligent Shopper Success Platform, including Service Cloud, and Community Cloud, can connect commerce to customer service, communities and other aspects to provide a truly unified customer experience.
  • Circles of Success
    Network, share, be inspired! Join your peers in a roundtable discussion, with topics from clients who would like to share their successes, challenges, and stories. Share your own experiences. Explore some new exciting special interest opportunities available to help you grow and expand your brand. You’ll come away from these sessions with inspiration, new relationships, and loads of information — this is possibly one of the most valuable experiences you’ll have at XChange!
  • Innovation from the Commerce Cloud Partner Ecosystem
    Appropriate for all attendees, this track will include a series of 20-minute sessions, presented by members of the Commerce Cloud partner ecosystem and featuring a range of complementary technologies and services. Content will include compelling use cases, demonstrations and visual presentations, Commerce Cloud partners will highlight new technologies and innovative techniques designed to work with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform and accelerate retail growth.

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