Trailblazing for Real Estate

Discover how Real Estate embraces the spirit of Trailhead and the feel of the national parks into one Trailblazing Brand. Learn more about the Trailblazing story and the kit of parts that makes up the current program.


Review Culture Gallery guidelines and the process for how Salesforce showcases company culture through imagery. Gain access to a library with hundreds of print-ready images to grow your office's Culture Gallery.


Customer Trailblazers

Explore our Customer Trailblazers and see how they come to life in our office spaces.


Interior Signage & Wayfinding

Review the interior signage standards to be used throughout the offices, including detailed specifications for Mindfulness Zone and Refuse signage.


Office Branding Experience

Find useful files to ensure your office meets has the latest branded touchpoints, including wifi signage, temporary signage, welcome lollipops, reception cards, VMS graphics, etc.


Tech & Product Graphics

Explore the Tech & Product standards required for release walls and reception graphics to showcase Salesforce products. Gain access to the latest release logo for printing.


Graphic Assets

Explore the standards required for general corporate graphics to be leveraged across Salesforce projects - including Salesforce logo files and more.


Photo Board Program

Review the information needed to roll out the Photo Board Program at Salesforce (previously known as Canvas Champs)


Brand Guidelines

Reference the latest Salesforce Brand Guidelines.