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Supercharging front line sales to drive growth

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Featured Speakers:

Rosalie Fenner, Director Customer Operations, Advanced Drainage Systems
Tony Kratovil, Industry Senior Director, Salesforce
Andrew Gaeckle, Director Customer Experience, West Monroe

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a huge transformation. Producing and shipping high quality products, on-time and at the lowest possible cost are now table stakes. Manufacturers need to think about what else they can to stand out from competitors and grow their business.

One major opportunity for differentiation is through rethinking the sales process. Customers are demanding increased transparency, meaning that manufacturers need to rethink the way their sales and distribution organization operates. Having a fully digitized and connected sales and distribution organization, as one part of a broader digital transformation, is more important than ever before.

So what does it take to create a fully connected customer experience? How can investing in connected sales and distribution make a difference for your workforce, your customer, and your bottom line? We'll lay out the strategy for how to “Supercharging Front Line Sales to Drive Growth” - and then hear how Advantage Drainage Systems did just that.


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