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How to Improve Forecasting with Tableau CRM

Featured Speakers:

Susan Emerson, VP Einstein Analytics, Salesforce
Ben Geilman, Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce

Is our forecast accurate? How are we performing against plan? Where are the gaps? Are we billing what we booked? Who should our reps call next? Are you a sales leader asking yourself one of these or dozens of other forecasting related questions? You are not alone!

Siloed data, scattered spreadsheets and tools, and manual processes all lead to inconsistent and worse, inaccurate forecasts. Join us for our webinar where we’ll show you how Tableau CRM can help you to:

  • Connect CRM data with revenue data from other systems
  • Infuse AI into your forecasting process to predict likelihood to close, days to close, and other outcomes
  • Empower sales reps by connecting insights to actions, directly in the CRM interface


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